Always put the unified front of the battle in an important position

[Learn to implement the party’s 19th China Plenary Session "[Guangming Forum] The Party’s 19th China Plenary Session adheres to the united front as a valuable historical experience of the Communist Party of China. Establish the most widely unified front, is an important magic weapon for the victory of the Communist Party of China, and is also an important magic weapon of the party’s homing. The new era gives a new historical mission and arduous task of united front. On the basis of profoundly summing up the historical experience of the Communist Party of China, promote the work of unified front of the war to continue to innovate, and create a new era of unified front of the new era, Building a Socialist Modernization Country, realizing the Chinese Dream Cohesion of the Great Rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation. In a hundred years of struggle, the Chinese Communist Party always puts the unified front of the battle. In the establishment of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese Communist Party proposed the anti-Division anti-feudal democratic revolution, and established the most extensive revolutionary unified front. In the party’s centenary struggle, through strengthening and expanding a wide range of united front, the party’s class’s class foundation, expanding the party’s base, consolidating the party’s ruling position, and create favorable conditions for the development of the party and the people; through consolidation and development The most widely patriotic united front, unite, all can unite, mobilize all positive factors that can be mobilized, and maximize the strength of co-struggle. Historical experience reveals that the united front is always an important magic weapon of the Chinese Communist Party to condense the hearts of the people, and the strength of the Chinese Communist Party is also an important magic weapon for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, socialism with Chinese characteristics entered a new era. The unified front of the party center as the core of Comrade Xi Jinping as a major political advantage and strategic approach to condensed the hearts, gathering power, and continuously promoting the theoretical innovation and practical innovation of unified front.

The historical orientation of our party, the internal and external situation, and the historical mission and task of the shoulder have changed significantly.

The united front will play a key role in the political basis of aggressiveness, and thick parties. Historical experience shows that the more complicated situation, the more the task is more and more arduous, the more you have to inherit the harmonious front of the army, develop well, put the battle work, you need to keep up with the times, be brave in innovation, constantly create a new era unified front Work new situation.

The political approach to the big unity is we must adhere to the United States. Unity is the power, big unity is the same as the eternal theme of the unified front. The united front is a person’s work, engaging in united fronts, in order to strengthen the power of common struggles.

Realization of the great revival of the Chinese nation, the Chinese people and the Chinese nation must work together with all the risks challenges on the unity and fight.

Adhere to the big unity, to bring together the wisdom and strength of the whole nation, promote the relationship between political parties, national relations, religious relationships, class relationships, compatriots at home and abroad, and maximize the strength of co-struggle. The party must strengthen the centralized unified leadership of the unified front work.

Always adhere to the political leadership of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of China, is the fundamental experience of the 100-year history of the united front, and is also a political issue that determines the future of the united front and play the coagulation of united front.

In the new era, it is necessary to coordinate the international internationalities. The strategic and overall quality of the united front work must put forward new requirements, and the unified front of the team must be placed on the party’s global and strategic issues. , Play a "system synergy" in the unified front.

Strengthen the centralized leadership leadership of the unified front work, ensuring that the party is in the united front work, coordinating all parties, and promoting high quality development in all fields.

The relationship between consistency and diversity must be handled, and the common ideological and political foundation is built. The new era united front is the most widely patriotic unified front, with unprecedented broad, huge inclusive, distinctive diversity and significant sociality.

As a unified body of consistency and diversity, the construction of the common ideological and political foundation is the bottom line of the United Front. Today, the common ideological and political foundation is the socialism with Chinese characteristics. The more socialism with the new era, the more advanced, the more we need to condense the most wide power.

Losing this bottom line, the dominant work will be lost, misunderstanding. Today, the world is in a hundred years of nothing, and all kinds of ideological culture are mutually stirring. The struggle of ideology is sharp and complicated. It is necessary to strengthen the construction of socialist core values, and vigorously promote the spirit of patriotism, cultivate the Chinese national community consciousness, widely condense the Chinese nation All wisdom and strength, form all Chinese children at home and abroad, and a vivid situation in the national rejuvenation.

Socialist democracy must be adhered to and carry forward the number of socialist democracy and seek the maximum number of conventions.

The unified front is an important part of socialist democratic politics and is an important prerequisite and foundation for strengthening socialist democratic political construction. The historical practice of my country’s socialist democratic political construction sufficiently shows that the united front and democratic politics are honored, and it is not separable. Establishing and constantly growing a united front, is to better implement and implement people’s democracy.

Fully carry forward democracy, it is conducive to the unified team members more universally identify the party’s claim, and more consciously united in the party around the party.

Negotiating democracy is unique, unique, unique in democratic form in China’s socialist democratic politics.

In the Chinese consultation in democratic system, the People’s Political Consultative Conference is a special consultation institution that is an indispensable role in extensive condensing and aggregation power.

The New Times People’s Political Consultative Conference should play a united front organization function, adhere to the big unity, adhere to consistency and diversity unity, constantly consolidate the foundation of the common ideological and political, strengthen ideological and political leadership, extensive consensus, strive to seek the largest number of conventions, draw the largest With the heart, you will give you together to realize the pound of national revival! (The authors of China Social Sciences Xi Jinping New Times Chinese Characteristic Socialist Ideological Research Center, the Research Institute of Political Science).