770,000 people vaccine is playing Taiwan this is true "South Po 10"

Recently, the Ministry of Public Advanced Party has announced that the Taiwan people of 1 to 2 doses of high-end vaccines have been vaccinated. If you want to go to the United States and Japan, you can rehabilitate the two doses AZ, BNT or Madena vaccine before exiting. 770,000 people who have been vaccinated now is beat. If you want to go out of Taiwan, you will have to re-play 2 other vaccines. Taiwan will create a precedent for the global vaccination of 4 doses of new crown vaccines. This is true "World Nanbo 10,000!" The Democratic Party side, the Net Army and the green media often boast Taiwan The epidemic prevention is "miracle", is "Southern Southern Wave 10" Tai Shi Zhongzhong, the office of the Office of the Office, the "Blue Committee" is boasted when he accepts the "Blue Committee" question: "How do the world follows the footsteps of Taiwan. As a result, the voice is just falling, and the local epidemic in Taiwan has burst into more than 800 people’s expectations. I don’t know how to open 4 doses of vaccine, green media and the people’s side wings, and 1450 how to boast in 1450? The high-end vaccine developed by Taiwan High-end Vaccine Biological Agency Co., Ltd. and the American Biopharmaceutical Company Derhevi, has not been born, it is not born, and the policy operation of the Ministry of Protection, a wave of policies, which not only puts high-end stocks. The market value has repeatedly pushed, and it has soared from 3 billion new Taiwan coins to 70 billion, so that the specific political business collusion has harvested another leeks, and the high-end vaccine is still 5 million people in the ROC. Order.

Under the critical situation of the world’s epidemics, the world and regions have purchased the vaccine, but the DPP is not nothing, and even repeats Taiwan folk institutions and companies to buy, donate vaccines, and their purpose is to give high-end It takes up the market, let it eat in Taiwan and eat it.

If it is not the development of Taiwan’s epidemic, the island’s vaccine is serious, the people panic, the people resentful, and Cai Yingwen will not promise Honghai, TSM and Qi Ji donate 15 million BNT vaccine.

In order to escort the high-end, the Ministry of Progressive Party regardless of the people’s question and professional opposition, the high-end vaccine that will not be conducted, completely unknown, forcibly pushing the market, takes the lead in Tsing Sai Yingwen, Lai Qingde, etc., for high-end back books, call Taiwan people "left the arm to high-end", was angered by the seniors of the Ministry of Public Advanced Party, and did not move as "vaccination".

Vaccine is a serious scientific problem, and people live. The Ministry of Public Advanced Party has a green media drum noise in the island. There are 1450 nursers, which can clamp the public opinion. It is said that the Taiwanese people are white mice, but the world must not be so hit.

Download people in the island that the high-end vaccine test "data is beautiful" "absolutely can be in line with the international", but it is truthful to the international, and it is hit. There is no real and reliable scientific evidence, how is the high-end vaccine to obtain WHO certification? How to get the trust in the world? WHO does not recognize, including the vast majority of the world, including US Japan, do not release. A few days ago, the Taiwan Foreign Ministry was so high that high-end vaccines had been recognized by six countries. This cattle blowing the attendant epidemic prevention center is not embarrassed. The next day, "calibration returns" is 4, after two days, and only 2 in the people broke the news.

High-end vaccineers can only be trapped in the island.

This is an international rule that has been known, and the Ministry of Public Advanced Party is likely to be alone, only a nose ash.

It is now facing a ruthless refusal of the world. Chen Shizhong can only touch the nose, weakly said: "I feel American weird." In the face of the embarrassment of the 77,000 high-end vaccination, the remedial measures of replacing 2 doses of international vaccines were introduced.

I know today, why bother? Any arrogance of the Democratic Entlydere Administration has made Taiwan’s society and the people pay heavy costs. And not to say that the high-end people who put the high-end people, the soup, the 4 doses of vaccine, when Chen Shizhong only said that high-end vaccination is a variety of experts discussed, as for vaccination 4 doses vaccine safety? Is there any side effects? What is the degree of side effects? All are "unknown", to "high-end people" self have, do you have to do a white mouse again, you can choose. Why is it arrogant and absurd! The new crown vaccine policy of the Democracy Party Administration, all the way, misunderstood. Only the heavy interests of the political business in the eyes, how can I have a half point to the people? It is exactly greed, quite horizontal, and disappointing wild drama.

This is also called "the best of the world’s epidemic prevention" by Su Shichang. Hey, Su Zhichang’s "Nanbu 10,000" standard has indeed made "the world can’t keep up with Taiwan." (Commentator Chengxi) Huaxia Jingwei Net Specials If you need to reprint, please indicate the source responsibility Editor: Zuo Qiuzi.