China National Party discussion established "anti-Taiwan independence group"

  According to Taiwan’s "China Times", Zhu Lilun, chairman of the Chinese Nationalist Party, presided over the first party congress, and Zhu Renzhang, the main shaft and returning to the ruling goals, and also set up a Blue Army combined with the private language Dazhi, the "Shadow Cabinet", 2024 launched the strongest candidate, united to win the victory.

At the Party Congress, there was a party representative proposal to build a "anti-Taiwan independence group", as a leader of the party, and sent to the Chinese General Conference by the Chairman.

  Affected by the epidemic, this year, the Chinese Kuomintang party will change to the whole stage 30-area video online. The candidate of the vice-chairman is also announced, and the Chairman of the China National Controversy Youth Development Foundation, Jiasheng Mayor Huang Minhui, the President of the China National Party "Foreign Relations Association". According to reports, at the party context, the Party representative of the Chinese National Party Region Xu Honglin and other 100 people have proposed, and the Central Party Department will be invited to establish a "anti-Taiwan independence work group". The China National Democratic Continental Response will abide by constitutional regulations in Taiwan. The party constituity, party key, and actively promote the improvement relationship between the two strait improvements in the premise of "Taiwan independence" and maintaining Taiwan people’s security and regional peace and prosperity, and resume communication pipeline.