Tianjin: "Judicial Shield" in Green Water Qingshan

Original title: "Judicial Shield" in the green mountains of green mountains is promoted to promote public welfare to repair environmental public interests.

A few days ago, Tianjin Second Middle School successfully medically medically involved in the ecological environmental charity lawsuits of the civilian camps, and explored to promote mediation and repair in environmental public welfare proceedings. The case is a private enterprise based on steel smelting, sewage treatment, steel products, oxygen, nitrogen production and operation.

Due to the problems such as dust, sulfur dioxide overboot, in 2020, it was claimed to be a public welfare organization to the court, requiring the business to stop the above infringement, apologize to the public, for the national mainstream media, and take effective measures to eliminate Atmospheric pollutants’ harmful risks of environmental public welfare and compensate relevant losses.

  After the case was accepted, the Second Middle School made a collection of seven people in accordance with the law.

In accordance with the law, the ecological environment bureau of a district of the city, a regional Ecological Environment Bureau, which is responsible for environmental protection supervision and management, and is announced through the Supreme People’s Court Announcement Network. At the same time, organize parties in the field survey, talks, and verify relevant documents, and urge the defendant to reform relevant facilities.

In the end, an area of ??the ecological environment bureau confirmed the test and no longer existed. "After confirming that private enterprises have been qualified, the courts communicate with plaintiffs, and the plaintiffs have organized the plaintiff to the defendant, and the plaintiff, which expressed satisfactory results, voluntarily withdrew the prosecution.

"The relevant person in charge of the second middle school said, the successful mediation of this case is through repairing the environmental public interest, maximizing the ecological environment, and achieves the purpose of environmental public welfare lawsuits with minimal cost. Second House will further establish Green development concept, give full play to the role of trial function, create a "judicial shield" for green mountains.

(Reporter Zhang Qing) (Editor: Li Dan, Tao Jian) ??Sharing let more people see.