The State Council issued the "Opinions on the Pilot Work of Business Environmental Innovation"

The State Council issued the "Opinions on the Pilot Work of Business Environment, Innovation" Published: 2021-11-2514: 11 Thursday Source: Xinhua Net Xinhua News Agency Beijing November 25th Prior Plus "on the implementation of business environmental innovation Opinions (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions") The environment, more powerful, profit-consuming enterprises.

"Opinions" pointed out that should be guided by Xi Jinping’s new era, based on the socialist thinking, based on the new development stage, complete, accurate, comprehensively implement the new development concept, build a new development pattern, to promote high-quality development as theme, coordinated development and safety In the heart, the system innovation is the core, given the conditions greater reform independence, further transform the government functions, integrate the degree of simultaneous power, the combination of transportation, optimize the service reform, promote the optimization of the whole chain, fair supervision, all cycle Enhance the service, promote the effective market and have a better combination of the government, promote the business environment to higher levels, more stimulate market vitality and social creativity, and better stabilize the market expectations, maintain a smooth operation. The "Opinions" proposed, to further break the unreasonable restrictions such as regional segmentation and local protection, clean up the unreasonable conditions of enterprise cross-regional operations, migration settings, break the hidden threshold and barriers for foreign companies setup on foreign companies in the fields of bidding, government procurement Health and more open transparency, standard efficient market subject access and exit mechanism, facilitate the market entity to register, information change, bank account opening, cancellation and other related procedures; continuous improvement of investment and construction convenience, promote social investment project "list list "Reform, promotion of staged integration planning, land, real estate, transportation, greening, and civil air defense and other surveying and mapping; better support the innovation and development of market subjects, explore the admission standards for adapting to the development of new activities, continuous improvement The level of trade in the country, promotion and the relevant document verification and "Composite Port", "One Hong Kong" and other reforms; optimize foreign investment and international talent service management, strengthen foreign business legal services; maintenance Fair competition order, strengthen and improve anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition law, and improve the long-term mechanism of chaos and arbitrarily and discontinued; , Compensation and investigation system; optimization of regularly involved in-enterprises, implementing the "one photo" of the entrepreneurial matters, fully implementing the "exemption of exemptions", rapidly. "Opinions" emphasized that we must adhere to the combination of ventilation, focus on supervision responsibility, improve the supervision mechanism of the full-chain full-chain process after the matter, directly involving public safety and people’s lives and property safety, implement penalty compensation and other systems .

To speed up breaking information from information from information, expansion departments and local systems, interconnection and data sharing ranges, and drive more data resources to achieve safe and efficient interoperability. The "Opinions" requires the establishment of a dynamic update mechanism for reform, regularly evaluating innovative pilot work, and the effectiveness of the practice proves, the market entity welcomes reform measures to be promoted in a wider range.

It is necessary to persist in steadily implementation, and in the premise of risk control, the pilot and pilot work is deep. Editor in charge: Zhu Wei.