Tax reduction and low-cost development dividend policy

In order to implement the reduction and tax reduction policy to the whole process of enterprise development, while entering the relevant policy dividends, increase the investment in R & D, the Tax Department of the Taxation Department of the Sino-Sino-Sino-Sino-Sino-Sino-Sino-Sino-Japanese New District, which is implemented Household policy ", for the company’s tailor-made tax policy spree, vigorously support the development of individual industrial and commercial households, high-tech enterprises, and send policy dividends directly to enterprise" pockets ".

"Enterprise production equipment is simple, production capacity can not sell sales, let me worry.

However, R & D fees are added to deduct new policies. In January-September 2021, our company enjoys 1.25 million yuan, so we can use taxes to expand the plant and purchase new equipment, improve Production capacity, increase income. "Yunnan Food Co., Ltd. Liu Zhi Min said.

The company was established in April 2015 and belongs to college students’ entrepreneurship projects.

"Next, the company will build a plateau characteristic agricultural rose innovation center, building a standardized edible rose raw material base, to create a full-food rose industrial chain, promote the production facilities of edible roses, organic, digital, and strive for the establishment of a green organic demonstration base.

"Liu Zhimin said that he is full of confidence in the future.

In recent years, in order to stabilize the survival and development of enterprises, the continuous efforts of new innovation and tax reduction policies, especially in these two years, to alleviate the influence of the epidemic on the company, further increase, monthly sales The starting point is increased from 30,000 yuan from the beginning to 100,000 yuan, and then it is now 150,000 yuan. The preferential policies brought by tax cuts, directly acting on the development process of enterprises, allowing companies to put saved funds directly into the production and development process, further enhance the competitiveness and vigorous vigor of enterprises.

The introduction of a good policy also needs to cooperate with fine service guidance. In order to further implement the tax preferential policy of high-tech enterprises, the Tax Department of the Sino-Sino-Sino-Central District is firmly established to implement tax reduction and deduct the concept of political tasks, hard tasks, and give full play to the role of taxation function, explain the "one-on-one" "one-on-one" "" one-on-one "in high-tech enterprises. Counseling enterprises to declare the "roadblock", driving the implementation of the policy, and promote the root of preferential policies. Yunnan A Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Is a high-tech enterprise specializing in biotechnology research and development. When the tax worker entered the enterprise propaganda tax cutting policy, the company’s finance staff Feng Wei made such a bill: "The most lack of corporate technology research and development is the cash flow. In 2020, only the increment is revenue. We can enjoy the tax preferential policy of 430,000 yuan. This time it benefits from tax reduction and tax reduction policy. The company has increased its investment in scientific research, and a number of R & D technologies is transformed into patent results, and use it smoothly.

"It is understood that it is the only patented technology for the production of paclitaxel, which has always been the world’s own unique raw material supplier of several multinational high-end preparations and medical equipment companies. Good performance is due to the long-term business Product research and development, for high-tech enterprises

The person in charge of the Biotechnology Co., Ltd. said: "In 2020, the company enjoys the investment cost plus deducting preferential policies, the reduction of more than 3.45 million yuan, the company’s investment, large amounts of funds, the product development, there is no worries in the turnover of capital, really I am very grateful to the national policy support and tax department’s intimate service! "Next, the tax department in the Sino-Central New District will continue to increase tax preferential policies, and pass a series of tax preferential policies issued to taxpayers and continue to implement various items. Listed companies Hui people tax payment preferential policies.

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