People’s view: carry it out, work hard to solve problems

"Not forget the early heart, remember our mission, the key is to have a front edge inward courage and conscious of the problem.

To adhere to problem-oriented, go fight to solve the problem since the beginning of the heart do not forget, remember our mission "to carry out the theme of education, success is reflected in the real action." ": Hainan to carry out the theme of education and special rectification combined to ensure targeted ; the Tibet Autonomous Region Party Committee members of the team, depth of 4,500 meters above sea level in remote places tough police the truth, to find the problem, the real action; Guangzhou City, closely around the central task, adhere to "serve the people and solve problems." …… a problem, face the problem , to solve the problem, it is reflected in the theme of education "catch fulfill" requirements.

"Shou beginning of the heart, Tam mission, shortcomings, carry it out," is an interconnected whole, goal, the implementation of the catch.

General Secretary Xi Jinping in the "beginning of the heart do not forget, remember our mission," stressed the theme Education Conference, "to implement, is to bring a new era of ideological socialism with Chinese characteristics into promoting reform, development and stability and the Party building work of practical action, the beginning of the heart the mission to become party members and cadres to strive for progress, innovation and uniqueness of hard, solid work of conscious action, and guard against formalism, bureaucracy, promote the party’s line, principles and policies to take root, to promote the settlement of the people expressed strong opinions the outstanding issues, and constantly enhance people get a sense of happiness, a sense of security.

"This is the theme of education" carry it out, "pointed out the direction, provide follow. Carry it out, to see real action. Carry out the theme of education, with Xi Jinping, a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics arm the whole Party ideology urgent need. Theoretical development of power is to answer questions, logical theoretical innovation is to solve the problem, only the power of the theory into practice in order to play out the theme of education and emphasizing its founding ideology, theory of the strong party, is precisely the party’s innovative theory to think through problems, make decisions, the whole process of doing the work.

We promote the study of theory into the deep to go to the heart to go to a real walk, the learning outcomes into enhancing the Party, improve the capacity, improve the style, promote a lively practice work, in order to improve the use of the party’s innovative theory to guide practice fundamentally to promote the work level.

Implement, there must be a conscious action. Happiness does not come down from heaven, and so is the good life does not come.

Reform and development every jump, every achievement, no not open up the solid work out, being put out of the tackle tough.

"Words can not practice, rolls only emptiness." Whether it is to achieve the grand goal of determining the nineteen large party, or with outstanding achievements to greet the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, party members and cadres are required to come up with the courage, the courage to act, in the forefront .

Party members and cadres can not police the truth, tell the truth, the real, do practical work, seek practical results, related to the people fear music, lighted.

The theme of education is to encourage the majority of party members and cadres to early heart firm and dauntless mission, and to the new situation of reform and development work hard, do solid work, and create momentum on. Implement, people want to see action.

General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that cadres put people on the minds of the highest position.

Since the party’s eighteen, from special rectification "wasted tongue", "unhealthy trend in the club", to carry out the Party’s mass line educational practice, "three strict three real" special education, "two learn to do a" study and education , is to promote a common resolve outstanding problems among the masses strong, continue to consolidate the party’s base.

When serving the public has not been completed, work style always on the road. Currently, some party members and cadres to serve the people do not really, not got the idea, do not try, there are still problems of the masses.

Should "serve the people" to implement bit by bit, the "people-centered" to implement every word and deed, in order to win the trust of tangible results.

As the old saying goes, "To the vast and make subtle."

The theme of education carry it out, call us on Thought of "To the majority", play on dormant "do subtle."

Looking ahead, we will be fully completed in the next year a well-off society and realize the goal of a hundred years, will also ride on the momentum of building a modern socialist country to open a new journey, to enter the second century of the goal. A comprehensive grasp of the general requirements of "Shou beginning of the heart, Tam mission, shortcomings, carry it out", and its theme running through the whole process of education, the real, drum real enthusiasm, we should be able to do all the work in the hearts of the masses, the performance written across a vast world.

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