Total investment is 8.53 billion yuan! "Five New Town" people’s livelihood is concentrated, and Nanhui New City has these items →

Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital Lianggang District Phase II Project, project site location is located in Shanghai, Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital, No. 222 Huanhu Xizai Road, Pudong New Area.

The main construction content is: New Science and Education Comprehensive Building, Medical Comprehensive Building, Underground Garage, Underground First Civil Defense Medical Engineering (Civil Defense Center Hospital), helicopter ceiling and related supporting facilities. Set up 600 beds. The new total construction area is 124,721 square meters.

Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital, the second phase of the Human-Hong Kong Institute, will reflect the only three-level comprehensive medical institution value requirements, improve the construction of Science, teaching, and scientific research and construction level, and comprehensively improve the hospital medical, teaching and scientific research. The medical security needs of the Nangangxiao area, creating a high-standard medical conversion platform, providing a three-level hospital quality medical emergency service for residents in the new district and surrounding areas. Public rental housing project "First Lease Sale" Public Lease Housing Project in Lingang Industrial Zone is located in Lingang heavy equipment industry, east to Yutang Road, south to Zhengmao Road, west to cotton bell road, north to long-term road. There are four plots in planning land, with a total area of ??approximately 10,000 square meters, planned total construction area of ??about 10,000 square meters, and the total investment of approximately 6.8 billion yuan, the planned residential sets are not less than 4280 sets. The construction and construction of "first rental" public rental housing project in the Linggang Industrial Zone will further enhance the attraction of high-end industries and excellent talents, promote the integration of production, and live ahead of the key enterprises. , Use people, personally provide powerful support. Changya Road (Yunshui Road ~ Xinyuan South Road) New Engineering Changya Road (Yunshui Road ~ Xinyuan South Road) New Engineering Total investment billion, located in the north side of the two port Avenue, Xi Yunshui Road, East to Xinyuan South Road, planning as a city Dry road, the road red line width is 40m, the full length is approximately, planning is two-way six lanes.

The continuous improvement of backbone road networks such as Changhe Road, expanded the municipal road network pattern, improve the disposal environment, and further promotes the development of industries along the line. According to the "14th Five-Year Plan", the New Harbor Necklace in accordance with the requirements of the "production city integration, complete occupancy balance, ecological liva, transportation, high efficiency", to help Shanghai accelerate the "center radiation, two wings, The new city has a new style of the new city, and the north and south transformation.

With the "14th Five-Year Plan" "14th Five-Year Plan", the "International Wind, Future, Lake Hun Yun" is powerful, and the regional soft strength is significantly enhanced, Yeye is always living, the production city is more high. (Source: Pudong released) (Editor: Chen Chen, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Sharing let more people see.