The first issue "Discovery Tour" "Science and Technology Finance Micro Forum held in Tongzhou Branch of Nanjing Bank

On the afternoon of October 18th, the first issue "Discovery Tour ‘Xin’" Science and Technology Financial Micro Forum was held in Tongzhou Branch of Nanjing Bank.

Nantong High-tech Zone Science and Technology and Talent Bureau, the leaders of the Tongzhou Branch, and the investment institution, guarantee company, law firm, and the representative of the company, open the ideological feast, and create innovation.

"Through the micrograph series, optimize the resource allocation, achieve resource sharing, and give full play to the" political and silver investment ‘cooperation advantage, help more creative enterprises to break through the development bottleneck. "Nanjing Bank Tongzhou Branch President Feng Yu, this line and Nantong High-tech Zone Technology and Talent Bureau jointly planned to organize the "Discovery Tour ‘Xin’" Science and Technology Finance Micro Forum Series activities, built a technology roadmaking as the main line, gathering investment companies, service agencies and other resources for depth exchanges. This micro-forum is the first activity of "Discovering Tour ‘Xin’" series activities.

The first phase of the micrograph is divided into a speech, the project road performance discussion, and the guests around the operational model, risk points, market competitiveness, follow-up financing, and creditor’s financing options, new product promotion, relevant legal key points, etc. Discussion, I know that I know the development path, financing method, etc. It is understood that the micrographic activity organizes 1 game per month, no more than 20 per scale, 4 to 6 enterprises to carry out project road performances, invites experts from experts in investment, laws, and finances.

"Subsequent, will also promote financial knowledge, enter outstanding enterprises to visit and learn, invite entrepreneurs to share entrepreneurship experience, further enrich the form of activity, provide multi-dimensional support for Kobang Enterprises.

Feng Wei said that the bank will always be committed to "the personal manufacturers", continuous innovation service, collect more resources support enterprises development and grow, realize multi-source "live water" precision water. (Nanjing Bank Tongzhou Branch Yang Yuki) recommend.