Qiu County, Hebei Province: "Four Focus" has solidly promoted "I do practical things for the masses"

Implement the city update project, steadily start the cinema, the original public security bureau, etc. Transportation is more than 1,200 parking spaces, effectively solving parking, parking difficult problems … Since the study of party history, Qiu County, Hebei Province, firmly establish "people-centered" concept, and do a good job in "four focus", truly Learning results into work motivation, the next truth, take hard measures, let the people really feel the new weather and new changes brought about by party history education. Focus on "Emancipating Thoughts" to the Wind Deepening Party History Learning Education, first solve the problem of party members and cadres’ ideas and mental states.

Qiu County Innovation Implementation "Wednesday Night" centralized learning system, in-depth "learning words first, dry words, real words as the topic", to let the majority of party members and cadres always adhere to the people-centered development Thought, with the problem deep into the first-line research, find the gap in the standard advanced area, and the high-quality development of the road is collected, to crack the bottleneck and promote high quality development.

Since the launch of the economic development of investment, the development of the economic development of the investment, the development of agricultural characteristics, 312, the resolution of the people’s livelihood improvement of the community property, infrastructure renovation, county management, etc. The transformation, the promotion of the ability, promoting the development of the county.