The second prize winner of the Third College Graduate Entrepreneurship Competition in Nagu City, Zhaishi: See the Trend, Personality Tibetan Culture

The Zhasi Bank is designing logo. Zhasba Bank Winning Time. Zhasba single road playing scene. High school began self-study plane design, people’s talent and love for design, prompting him to go into the entrepreneurial road of twists and turns, all the way, in the process of hard work, he gradually cleared the future of life. He is a Zhashiki, a handsome and stylish Tibetan youth designer.

In the third college graduate entrepreneurial competition in the Quzhou, he and his team brought about the eight-class prize of the Competition with his team. Let’s take a look at his story. Profile ★ Name: Zaizi Bank ★ Company Name: Tibet Yawang Hot Brand Design Co., Ltd. ★ Project Name: Yagang Hot Tibet Cultural Creative Industry Accurate Operation Project ★ Award: Second Prize ★ Project Description: The project is planned to rely on Tibet The unique advantage of cultural resources, incorporates the unique cognition and understanding of Tibetan culture, supplemented by creative concepts and design technology, deeply "Tibet Culture, Snow Plateau, Third Element, Xiong Culture, World Cultural Heritage" Hierarchical mining, strengthening the high-end public brands of Tibetan culture, the IP shaping of public brands; Personality and other aspects see clear and unique Tibetan culture. I like to challenge different life high schools start self-study plane design this year’s 26-year-old Zashika, born in a traditional businessman’s home, compared to the merchants from the merchant, the parents of Zhaba, I hope he will find one after reading university. Survantive work, so his dream did not get family recognition and support. But he is a special person, does not like life of the rules, and prefer to challenge and adventure.

During the high school summer vacation, the Zhaxi Bank started to try part-time, and learned the typography in computer software. Since this, he has produced a strong interest in planar design, and begged self-study. In this process, he gradually gradually from confused. The future life goals are clear in life.

  In 2016, it was also in the college’s Zhaxi Bank created his first design brand "long hush".

Affected by young culture in the new era, Zhaxi’s integration of Tibet elements into fashion trends, and used in clothing design, boldly graffiti on clothes, his innovative design is very popular, which makes him more firm The determination to engage in design work in the future. After graduating from University in 2018, because of the common interest hobbies, Zhaxi Bank and classmates submitted a friend, and jointly created Tibet Yawang Brand Design Company, the company’s registered operation 10 months, More than 110 companies they serve, and the harvest is constant. In the first Qinghai Gao Cultural Tourism Festival Sign Design Competition in 2019, their team designed in more than 40 entries and was invited to participate in Qinghai Gao Gao Cultural Tourism Festival. "Entrepreneurship is simple, it is really difficult, just started to fill it with a living fee, because there is no family in economic support, we can only save, step forward." In difficult In front of it, Zhaxi Batches and his team did not bow down, but more effort. Gradually, their behavior infected people around, more and more friends began to support him, their careers have slowly improved.

  The unique advantage of local cultural resources is integrated into characteristic cultural product processing and design, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau retains the unique rich national cultural resources of Tibetans. These unique and even the only Tibetan cultural resources not only cause the Tibetan cultural industry to distinguish the cultural industry in other regions in the world. Providing a rich creative carrier and creative material for Tibetan cultural creative industries, making it a more obvious industrial relying advantage in Tibetan cultural creative industries. Zhasi Bank and his team brought the accurate operation project of the Yalan Hot Tibetan Creative Industry, which is the unique advantage of these local cultural resources, integrating into the unique cognition and understanding of local culture, supplemented With creative concepts and design technologies, more people will see clear and unique Tibetan culture from trend, creativity, individuality.

"Our company is committed to providing cultural creativity and brand image services for local brand companies, local governments, and political enterprises. Excavation, strengthen the high-end public brands of Tibetan cultures, and the use of public brands to promote Tibetan culture continuous innovation and development. "Zhasi said. It is understood that the Zhasi Bank and his team’s projects launched the importance of governments at all levels on the development of Tibetan cultural inheritance and the development of Tibetan cultural creative industries. They plan to rely on the professional knowledge and skills of the company, for traditional Tibetan cultivation, special Tibetan Cultural mining, enriching the text of the national culture of the region.

He hopes that more local people, entrepreneurs can get together, form the development of the development of Tibet’s cultural development and spread, so that more innovative cultural elements go out of Tibet, go to the domestic, international.

  The market development space is broad, the team’s core competitiveness talked about its competitive advantage, and the Tibetan list introduced that the development of Tibetan cultural industry has generally seen more gaps, culture compared to other provinces (districts, and city). The creative industry is more in the exploration of the starting stage. The advantages of cultural resources have not been given full, the culture and development and utilization is inadequate, and the contrast of cultural industries is very obvious. The quality and quantity of cultural and creative products can not meet market demand. It has a wide range of development potential and development space.

  "All our team members come from Tibet, from small to colorful Tibetan cultures and ears. Next, we plan to take advantage of their expertise and skills, deep excavate the excellent traditional cultural connotation of Tibet, and carry out multiple cultural elements of local culture Processing, refining, accompanying graphics, color, patterns, etc. More new cultural temperament.

"Zhasi Bank said. The reporter learned that the Zhasi Bank and his team members Donjiren, Rosan is a graduate of design and visual communication, engaged in design, advertising, product sales and activity planning organization Have more than 6 years of experience, have participated in the creative competitions such as Beijing, Chengdu, Tibet and won a award, with a strong team core competitiveness. As of now, its company holds more than 30 original IP patterns, through There have been seven of the business records, and others are all in the record.

  "The design work brings us not only material wealth, but more spiritual satisfaction, whenever you get customer recognition, there is always a sense of joy and accomplishment from the heart, which is even more firm, this is more firm. The belief in the industry is full of confidence in the future development of our team. "One point of hard work, Zhaxi Bank and his team have won the increasingly hard work, as well as the unremitting efforts The more people ‘s attention and love.

Today, in "Volkswagen, Innovation", I sincerely hope that their entrepreneurship is getting farther.

(Editor: Chang Bangli).