Pingxiang City Anyuan District: Community Canteen "Tasting" Home Pension New Taste

"We guarantee that seven varieties of dishes, low sugar, low fat, generous, colorful, as far as possible, to ensure that chronic diseases such as hypertension, high blood sugar, etc.," Phoenix Community Secretary Li Yanmei Introduction: "According to the residents, we charge 10 yuan per person, and also give nutrition soup and fruit, and ensure that everyone can eat well, eat well." The first day of the trial industry, the Phoenix pool "community cafeteria" It attracts more than 20 elderly residents to come to dine. Cuisine is carefully prepared for the elderly, less oil, less salt, less sugar, generous, gentle and vegetarian, soft taste, both rich and diverse, healthy nutrition, old people eat Tianjin, "Canteen" floating "Happy Flavor" of home pension.

"The taste is very good, in addition to food, nutrition soup and fruit eat, the community staff is also so enthusiastic, it is too thoughtful!" Dining process, community volunteers and staff help the old people to sit in the table, helping the old people to dine .

At the same time, in the process of dining, there are also staff to continue to remind the old people to request as needed, if not enough can be added again. "Delivery" home, good comment, not only the dishes are rich, but also "send goods" on the door! For the old people who are inconvenient to operate, the bedroom is in bed, walking, and the community canteen will also implement room service. The old people only need to contact the community staff one day in advance, and the community volunteers will "send goods" on the next day.

In this way, it is more convenient and fast to meet the actual needs of special elderly. "I still have a joyfulness, but I have to take care of people at home every day. I am often tired enough! Now, ‘community canteen’ affordable and healthy, it is not convenient to go to the community, volunteers can still Help me come to my home, but I solve me a big problem! "The Liu grandmother living in Ganjiabei Lane No. 1 2 units said with the volunteer" send the door ".