Shanxi Multi-Measures Increases Big Focus on Rural Consumption Potential

  Original title: 12 departments of the Provincial Department of Commerce and other joint issuance notice to the promotion of the promotion of the high-level consumption of rural consumption on August 19, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of Commerce, the Provincial Department of Commerce, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of Technology, etc. 12, in early August Notice on "Some Measures for Rural Consumption Potential" on Rural Consumption Potentials in Rural Consumption in Rural Consumption. In stability and expanding car consumption, promoting home appliances furniture, furniture and consumption, and accelerate new model of consumption, new models, complementing rural consumption short board weakness, strengthen policy protection, etc., combined with the actual arrangement of our province, . "Notice" is clear, there is a conditional city and county to purchase tons and below the truck, rising the following displacement passenger cars, eliminating the residents to eliminate the national three and the following emission standards, and buy new cars. Supply subsidies. Under the conditions of ensuring urban ecology and safety, build a three-dimensional parking lot, and build a charging pile according to a certain proportion; accelerate the transformation of the gas station to the integrated service station, providing automotive maintenance and other convenience services; The car wash is included in the management of gas station equipment facilities, not included in the management of urban violations. Municipalities can combine actual, actively fight for financial support, and give certain subsidies for eliminating old home appliances, buy green smart home appliances, and environmentally friendly furniture. In terms of improving catering and consumption, encourage organizations to carry out various lines such as food and drinks to promote consumption activities; catering companies should strengthen cooperation with online platforms to promote the development of "Internet + Dining".

Accelerate the development of new models such as consumption, unmanned consumption, smart consumption, sharing consumption, information consumption, silver and hair consumption, experience consumption and other new states.

Accelerate digital transformation, promote the deep cooperation between new e-commerce companies and traditional manufacturing companies to promote double upgrades in consumer industry. In addition to the short board weakening of rural consumption, in-depth implementation of e-commerce into rural areas, cultivated 10 rural electric and commercial, and 100 rural e-commerce towns in the province.

Support brand chain enterprises to expand the county market, more than 100 new county domain stores in 2021. In terms of strengthening policy security, each city must implement the "Shanxi Provincial Promotion Service Industry Relief 2021 Action Plan", do a good job in the distribution of electronic coupons of the city government, increase the credit of green smart products such as new energy vehicles to residents. support.

(Reporter Yan Jie).