The 28th Yang Lingnong High Closure

Original title: The 28th Yang Lingnong High Closes Closes this newspaper (Reporter Li Wanyi) On October 26, the 5th day, the 28th China Yangling Nong Humbles ended successfully.

The Agricultural High Club has shown more than 9,000 agricultural science and technology achievements and advanced practical practical technology at home and abroad, and the online trading volume has accumulated billions of yuan, and the "Post-Special Award" 35, "Human Award" 138 , Qin Chuanggencino-drive platform agricultural sector is also officially unveiled, and it has achieved fruitful results.

During this agricultural high meeting, from 33 representatives from 33 countries, they participated in Yangling Modern Agricultural High-end Forum, Shanghai Cooperation Organization Modern Agricultural Development Round Table, Yangling International Agricultural Science and Technology Forum and other series of international forums and conferences, focus on digital rural construction and modern Agricultural development, plant seed industry and food security, talk about modern agricultural development path; Shanghe organizational Modern Agricultural Exchange Center officially opened, Shanghe organizational agricultural base economic and trade investment promotion center was established, Shanghe organized agricultural base foreign training base unveiled … … a series of initiatives make the above-in-one agricultural base framework system improved.

The "high" "new" "high" "high" "high" "high" is more distinct. Germany Steier, Israel Tautics and my country’s marine seed industry, Huawei and other a group of well-known high-tech companies participating in participating, digital agriculture, block chains, and Internet of Things, etc., many high-tech and products have appeared, multi-field, The full range of science and technology innovation booster rural modernization.

Focusing on the theme of "scientific and technological innovation leading the rural resolution", this agricultural high meeting specializes in the village resonance exhibition area, held a series of exhibitions such as the revitalization exhibition, Yangling Agricultural Science and Technology Assistance Village, Shaanxi Province; 5 days of 100 experts Consultation service activities and 15 agricultural practical technologies lectures, online reception, training the masses 200,000; rural toilet technology and product exhibition, new agricultural machinery exhibition, drought water-saving agriculture Demonstration Model Exhibition and Northern Povertygraduate Agricultural Products Production The four topic exhibitions have introduced the new achievements of rural human environmental remediation, agricultural production technology, and industrial development. During the Agricultural Association, more than 500 Chinese and foreign media depth report show, the whole network has released more than 30,000 information, with more than 100 million points of total viewing, including hundreds of millions of overseas.

The 1650 companies conducted a cloud show, and the cloud browsing exceeded 1.5 million.

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