Shanxi Provincial Academy of Academy and Wuyi Road Primary Education Group and Waitou Teachers "Group" cultivate young teachers

  Original title: The Provincial Academy of Education and Wuyi Road Primary School Education Group and Well-known Teachers "Group" Cultivate Youth Teachers "Teachers This profession is a conscience, only to have a high sense of responsibility, can take the initiative to invest in self-improvement." August On the 28th, the Provincial Academy of Education and Wuyi Road Primary School Education Group signed a project cooperation agreement on "focusing on students’ core literacy, enhances education quality", and experts have put forward the ethical expectations of young teachers.

The start of the project marks the cultivation of "group" to cultivate the "group" to the new entrance and young teachers of Wuyi Road Primary Education Group.

  The landing of the "Double Reduction" policy has given higher requirements for teachers’ quality and school classroom efficiency. In order to continuously improve the professionalism of the new inventory of Wuyi Road Primary School Group, the provincial education institute and Wuyi Road Primary School Education Group implement the action plan integrating this collection, scientific research, curriculum construction and teacher training.

The expert team is mainly composed of teachers and special teachers in our province. These provinces’ famous teachers will form a discipline team, with the provincial planning topic "concept navigation under large unit teaching action research" as the leading, driving May 1 The new entry teachers and young teachers participated in the course construction, teaching design, teaching evaluation, etc. In terms of teaching skills, improve the level of professional development, through topic research, teaching practice, forming school-based curriculum resources, and cultivating school unique teaching results in further teaching practices and research.

Reporter Zhang Xiaoli).