Shenyang launches safety production "winter 100-day battle"

  (Shenyang Daily, Director Li Xin, Director Li Xin), December 12, reporters learned from the Shenyang Emergency Administration, in order to effectively prevent the resolution of major safety production risks, safeguards the stability of the safety production situation during the important period and festival, resolutely contain Production safety accidents, Shenyang has started safety production "Winter 100th World".

  This "Winter 100 Festival" has been implemented from December 10 to March 20, next year, the work range covers the city, various industries and production and business units. Key to investigate urban gas, non-coal mines, dangerous chemicals (including fireworks and firecrackers), transportation (including road traffic), construction construction, metallurgical, fire safety, civil explosive goods, etc., etc. The field, as well as special equipment, dust-related explosion, ammonia refrigeration, gas-related gas, limited space operation, focusing on repeated accidents, special rectification three-year operations found significant hidden dangers and outstanding problems in industrial sectors. It is reported that the Shenyang Safety Committee Office has carried out dynamics of the "100-day battle" situation, real-time comprehensive assessment, and assessment results to the assessment of various regions, various departments safety production work target management assessment results.

For the accident, it will be implemented by the Shenyang Municipal Security Committee Office; the rectification of major accidents did not complete the rectification on time, and they were responsible for the accountability according to law; Regions of the larger accidents, the implementation of annual target management work is vetoed; the rewards are recognized in accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government.

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