People’s comment: Let the rule of law become the common belief in the whole society

  As a popular point problem, the people concerned is as a law, from the people’s life, tell the people to understand, in real time, public welfare, precision Pu law, the practice, the practice, the practice, not only to interpret the legal connotation to the public in the popular language It is more necessary to maintain benign interaction with the public in the whole process of the rule of law.

The implementation of every case fair and justice is the best certificate of legal authority walking in Beijing West Chang’an Street, the rule of law comics and legal story cultural walls. In Hubei Enshi, public security organs combine anti-fraud and traditional folk songs, the masses are happy to see Liaoning builds the words, agents, tuning platforms, and promotes the construction of the rule of law … Exploration practice from the first line of the grassroots, becoming the vivid epitome of national law.

  The general law and law-abiding are the long-term basic work of the country.

Since 1986, my country has continued to implement 7 five-year law planning, and has achieved important results. Especially the implementation of the "Seventy-five" law of my country, "Who is law enforcement, who is the law of law," the law of law responsibility system is fully implemented, the rule of law rural construction is promoted, and the concept of the whole society is significantly increased.

"2020 National Social Mental Survey Comprehensive Analysis Report" shows that when you encounter unfair things, you will choose to "solve it through legal channels", which will increase a percentage point in 2016.

This indicates that the whole criticism will be fully rigorous, and the concept of the rule of law, the legal awareness is continuously improved. The big country in more than 1.4 billion people continued to carry out national law, a big feat in the history of human rule of law, and an important part of the socialist rule of characteristics of Chinese characteristics. With our new journey of building a new socialist modern country, my country has entered the new stage of development, and urgently requires further enhances the law of public law of citizens and promotes the law-abiding usage. In June of this year, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the State Council forwarded the "Central Propaganda Department, the Justice Department on the first five-year planning of the legal publicity and education (2021-2025)", making a comprehensive deployment of "eight-five" law, becoming a deep study Propaganda and implement the Ideas of Xi Jinping, and consolidate the important initiative of the whole-scale root foundation. The law needs to work and requires the whole society to believe in the law. The achievements made by the "Seventh Five-Year" law showed the system advantages and governance effectiveness of the socialist rule of Chinese characteristics. One of the important experiences is to adhere to the people’s position. The "eight-five" law plan is particularly emphasized to improve the targeted and effectiveness of the work, form a higher level of dynamic balance between the rule of law and the provision of law, so that the people feel the warmth and strength of the law. The law is the most grounded, and the "eight-five" law plan will be implemented. It is necessary to pay attention to the people’s concern as a law, from the people’s life, tell the people to understand, in real time, public welfare law, Precision Pu laws and legs.

  The law work is not only to interpret the connotation of the law to citizens in popular language, and more need to maintain a benign interaction with the public in the practice of the rule of law. Each case is fair and justified is the best proven by legal authority.

If the normal procedure is not fair and justice, the masses will not trust the rule of law. It is necessary to make the masses to believe in the law, the law is not worth it, as long as the appeal is reasonably legal, it will be fair through legal procedures.

The "Eighth Five" law planning requires the promotion of socialist rule of law, which is to let the people feel that justice can be expected, the rights are guaranteed, and the obligation must be fulfilled.

When strict law enforcement, justice justice is in reality, becoming the best law, and the spirit of the rule of law will be deeply rooted. Inscribed in people’s heart, the rule of law is really unbreakable.

The construction of the rule of law requires the whole society to participate together, promoting the rule of law of all the people’s beliefs, respecting the rule of law, and unswervingly caught the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics. To conduct a new situation, the rule of law publicity is to persist in the intention of innovation, improve the system mechanism, and promote the comprehensive process of the general law work, implement the whole process of the national law, and implement all aspects of the "eight-five" law, let the rule of law in the people The heart landed in the heart.

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