Tianzhu County incentives to join the country to join the country

On September 6, Hechi City, Tianzhu County, issued the "Suggestion Measures for the Collection of University Graduates", incentives, and motivating the students to join the army to report the enthusiasm of the country. "Measures" stipulates the "three priorities" of university graduates: priority registration, priority experience, political examination and priority approval.

University graduates enrolled in the county can enjoy a variety of good policies.

One is to visit condolences. Guan Gongzhi condolences to the family of college graduates, gives condolences, hanging glorious army, and take a group photo with the recruit family.

The second is free consumption. At the beginning of the university graduate, you can travel free to travel to the tourist attractions in the county. Free 2 health checkups for free.

University graduates who return home checkout from the field, can be reimbursed and reimbursement of fares and accommodation fees, subsidies.

In terms of medical subsidies, the university graduates have been subjected to varico veins and tonsils, and disposable medical subsidies were given by the "Welfare" and proven, respectively. At the same time, the townships where the applicable objects are located, with the entry of the entrance and enlightenment, the university’s undergraduate graduates, the college graduates, 800 yuan for each person, 800 yuan.

In addition, when the "Measures" stipulate that when the county institutions are open to the public, they will take 5% -10% of the positions from the county recruitment positions in the county, and the provinces should have, and the previous national college or above. The servie is full of retired soldiers, special excellent undergraduate graduates retired soldiers, can be urgently needed to recruit talent recruitment methods through the county, directly interview, and choose the institutions.

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