Shenzhen built 1090 parks to achieve the "City of Qianyuan"

Original title: Shenzhen into a "city" in Shenzhen, less than 2,000 square kilometers of land, distributed a large number of 1090 various parks.

They are like a green network, serialize the rich and diverse natural ecological resources in Shenzhen, so that the public can both push the window to see the green, open the door, and can hiped the mountain, walk the country, and experience the birds and flowers, and feel people and natural harmony. The reporter learned from the city management and comprehensive law enforcement Bureau, since the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government attaches great importance to the park construction work, and the important content of the people’s livelihood and "Beautiful Shenzhen" is fully promoted, and strives to meet the pursuit of more beautiful life. . In September 2019, Shenzhen realized the construction goal of "The City of Qianyuan" in advance, and the park’s green space has reached a large-scale "city" in the park. In these parks, Shenzhen International Garden Flower Expo Park, Lianhua Mountain Park, and Xianhu Botanical Garden were rated as a national key park. The People’s Park was rated as the World Moon Thai Garden. The Wutong Mountain Scenic Area was listed as "National Scenic Area" by the State Council. Dapeng Peninsula National Geological Park is a national-level geological park, and OCT Wetland Park is a national wetland park. In recent years, Shenzhen has also built a boutique park that is popular with citizens and international quality, etc. in Shenzhen, China.

  Future, Shenzhen will launch the "Outline of the City Plan", continue to increase the number of parks, enhance the quality of the park, create a world-class park city landscape, and build a batch of world famous gardens.

30 new or renovated parks in the city, so that the value of urban green resources is fully released, everyone enjoys high quality green space.

Through the construction of park city, Shenzhen has become a healthy, more beautiful, more ecological and humanistic park city. (Reporter Wencan) (Editor: Liu Wei, Chen Yizhu).