One month of the 4th China Imperial Expo: The Eastern Welcome

Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai October 5th: The Eastern Welcome to Welcome to – Write the 4th China International Import Expo countdown to a month, the Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhou Rui, Liu Hongxia Huangpu River, the autumn is high. One month later, here will usher in the 4th China International Import Expo. As the preparatory work enters the sprint phase, all parties are looking forward to the approval of the East and share Chinese opportunities. "Back" exceeding 80% global new product "Hui" into the company’s commercial exhibition area exceeded 360,000 square meters, the current number of exhibited companies exceeded the third session; the world’s top 500 and industry leading enterprises were active, "returning" more than 80 %, Higher than the last level; the number of exhibitors of overseas SME groups increased by 30% … There is another month of the fourth-year entrance, this global economic and trade event is gradually unveiling. Order, communication, import … This Chinese National Day holiday, Pakistani businessman Habi is busy preparing to get a salt lamp on the Expo. "Many merchants in China are interested in our products in the exhibition of the consumer product area. Many merchants in China are very interested in our products." Habi said that the supply and demand docking meeting is to enter the Expo for the exhibition. The platform is provided. This year, more than 200 exhibitors and more than 500 buyers have passed "to go online" through the exhibition.

The Ministry of Commerce’s news spokesperson, introduced that the major data strengthened professional investment, this year, this year, the first time, for the first time, the exhibitor and related units invited professional audience.

At present, 39 trading groups have been formed, nearly 600 groups.

Like Habie, the merchants who are ready to enter the Excelle will not be a few.

Siemens Medical will only take 15 seconds of the world to complete the PET / CT product of the body scanning imaging, BiographVisionQuadra; Dulle Group will bring Belgian red stepseat and "a straw to open" all music coconut eggs; Volvo architecture The device will automatically unveiled the world’s first entity to automate Zeux loader conceptual machine … The new product choice is starting to enter the Expo, which is to see the exposure effect of "floating" in the Expo "multiplication" and "acceleration" boost effect.

The senior vice president of Lego Group, Huang Guoqiang, General Manager China, said that the market in which the market in the Expo will be enthusiastic in the past few years, such as the Lego Wukong Xiamen series based on Chinese traditional cultural elements, not only sells worldwide, not only in the world. Line in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and other places.

"Entering the Expo for the sharing of" China ‘s opportunity’ in Wudian Pharmaceuticals).

"Wutian President Mandarin," Benefits from the promotion of the Expo and the Chinese government to optimize the examination and approval of the drug review, many innovative drugs that are unveiled at the Expo will have begun to benefit patients. Michelin, L’Oreal , Shiseido, Heng Natural, ABB … The fourth year of entering the Expo has not yelifed, there have been dozens of world-renowned companies to "lock" in advance into the fifth, and sign the "Future".

A new order, a new customer, global merchants have entered the Chinese market through the Expo, and share new opportunities for development. "In the Expo is not only a precious opportunity to show strength, but also the window of our confidence in the Chinese market.

"Heng Natural Great China Chief Financial Officer Akhai Agar said

"Entering the Expo is a new product, new technology enters the Chinese market for the gold and starting station.

Gao Xin, General Manager of the China Market Department of Jasmine, said that companies will bring digital and immersive interactive experiences on this session.

Unveiled high-level open China market to attract global merchants exhibit products, exhibitors are also turning into investors.

China store, Chinese factory, China Innovation Center … Take the Expo for the window, more and more global companies accelerate the deep cultivation of China. This year, National Day holiday, Lego Guangzhou flagship store officially opened, which is the world’s largest Lego brand flagship store. Ni Zhiwei, CEO of Lego Group, said that I entered the Expo encourage foreign companies to further invest, develop and innovate in China. In the first half of 2021, there were more than 40 companies in more than 60 brand retail stores worldwide in China. Develop and develop in the Chinese market, and even "in China, for the world". As of the end of August this year, Shanghai Foreign R & D Center has accumulated 500.

Schimon, Chairman, China Chairman, said that the original digital chemical plant in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, is based on a new factory based on the "customization" of Chinese customers. After putting into production, the launch of factory products will shorten nearly 20%, more adapt to "China Speed" ". "Entering the Expo to bring the ‘large business opportunity to enterprises, reflecting the increasingly promise of China’s open door." Zhang Xiao, a senior Vice President of Vari, USA, said that the Dongfeng of China Warrian not only promoted the expansion of high energy tests, but also doubled the capacity, but also actively built the "Vari Security Ball Innovation Center". Chen Anning, vice president of Ford Motor Group, CHENANIN, President and CEO, said that Ford Motors regard the Chinese market as a strategic key point of Ford’s global transition, hoping to continue to deeply cultivate the Chinese market through the introduction of the Expo delivery company. "Under the acceporarism of enterprising, we will recently be located in Shanghai’s China Headquarters ‘upgrades’ as the North Asian headquarters. In the future, China will become the core of Beiya District." L’Oreal Group CEO Ye Hongmu said, The opportunity to enter the Expo is very exciting, not only to showcase the innovation of the company, but also the window of the new development of China’s new development. From January to August this year, the national actual use of foreign capital is 100 million yuan, a year-on-year growth.

Promote the construction of high-standard market system, revised the 2012 2021 version of the market access negative list, comprehensively promote the "license separation" reform … Foreign business is not only the Chinese big market, but also an operator environment. On September 22, the State Council executive meeting reviewed the "Tenth Five-Year" new infrastructure construction plan, clearly supported private and overseas capital participation in new infrastructure investment operations; September 28, the Ministry of Commerce introduced, research and formulating the self-trade test area The negative list of cross-border service trade is promoting the liberalization of service trade in a wider range.

The open "good voice" of intensive came out, adding foreign companies to continue to farm China. "China is not only ‘strategy market", but also a production center, innovation center, is a light weight in the Dow global supply chain. , Optimistic about China’s huge domestic market, optimistic about China’s business environment continues to improve. All parties join hands to prepare for "Jinbao Time" to create a high-quality exhibition on September 27th, a hydrogen energy racing sample car of the French rice company, completed the customs inspection in Shanghai, this is the first batch of import exhibits in this year’s entry .

"Entering the Expo is not only a trade investment platform, but also a window for multi-party dialogue.

"Mi Hilin China President and CEO" Weiberji introduced that this racing car in Asia’s first show at the fourth session is the latest innovation results of Mi, nearly half of the tire raw materials can be recycled, showing rice to the green Support for low-carbon vision. In the abroad, we must do it every year, but also have a level, get effective, better and better.

With the approach of "Jinbao Time", preparations are accelerating. The customs department introduces that there will be more than 200 batches of exhibits will be entered through various transportation methods such as shipping, air transport and China-Europe class. Thanks to customs cleaning, now, the Exhibit clearance has achieved "second".

As an example of the Mi Jedin racing, the customs has been in advance, and the customs has developed specialized security programs in advance, and the import enterprises can upload electronic documents through the enterprise-end single window, they can realize customs lines and customs clearance. Release.

Personnel admission "no informality", suspicious symptoms have emergency disposal, and the peak restaurant is equipped with specialized people’s stream … Shanghai’s urban service guarantee has also entered the last "exercise time".

In the same way, it also entered "Jinbao Time", as well as dozens of China International Import Expo "6 days + 365 days" all-year display trading service platform.

National Day holiday, the green space on Nanjing Road in Nanjing Road, the head of the Turkish National Pavilion, La Mazi busy, porcelain, silk scarves, candles, etc., the same paragraph is quite popular. "I have finished the ‘Golden Week’, I am going to start with my whole heart.

"Raimama said that before the first in 2018, he managed more than 500 more than a dozen categories. Ten million yuan level.

Deputy Secretary-General of the Shanghai Municipal Government, Gu Honghui, director of the Expo City Service Assurance Leading Group Office, introduced that the fourth-year entrance to the city service guarantee will achieve more accurate epidemic prevention and control, the service guarantee is more fine, the city is more smooth, overflow effect Significantly, the enveloped brand is more loud.

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