The skin color is deep after cupping? The truth is …

Whether in Chinese medicine clinics or bathing centers, beauty institutions, cupping are all sought after by traditional health projects. Especially a big snow directly sent Beijing into the winter, people remembered this kind of health care method.

However, what should I do if the cupping should do? Has anyone cupping? After cupping, the deeper the skin is, the wors of the body? Today, I will reveal the answer.

  Cupping is confirmed to have a rheumatic effect, the cupping is a traditional Chinese medicine treatment, and the traditional cupping is burned with the air inside the tank and placed on the skin to produce a negative pressure, which in turn achieves the purpose of treatment. The cupping method has a Wenjing Tongluo, a rheumatic and blood circulation and swelling pain.

Through the negative pressure in the tank, the pathological product is discharged from the skin pores, thereby reaching the yin and yang balance of the human body, enhances the purpose of physique, stimulating the essence, conditioning blood, and preventing disease. However, if the operation is improper, the burning flame or the overheated tank is in contact with the skin, it is indeed damage to the skin. Therefore, it is recommended that in order to reduce the chance of accidents, the cupping is best to go to a formal medical institution to seek treatment.

If you are working at home, you should pay attention to the safety of fire and disinfection, and pay attention to your body changes, you will seek medical treatment in time.

  When the cupping color, when these cuppings, due to negative pressure in the tank, the local tissue congestion, blood stasis, which enhances the function of the body, and improves the resistance. However, the colors behind the cupping depends on the humidity of humidity, the length of the cupping, and the operator’s techniques are many factors.

Usually, the color is deep after the cupping, indicating that the cold, blood stasis, and moisture is more equal.

However, as reference only, the specific situation should be judged in conjunction with individual symptoms. So, the cupping suction will not cause harm to the skin, how to control how to control? During the cupping process, it is too large to cause certain damage to the skin.

In operation, the force is to be controlled in the range of mild pulling, but not pain. When cupping, be sure to choose a flexible part, try to choose a way of luminous position. When using multiple cans, the arrangement distance is not too close to avoid pain due to excessive skin.

Time can be controlled in 1 to 2 times a week, each time 5 to 10 minutes, specifically, it is necessary to adjust the resolution of Yin Chung. Eight cases of cupping is taboo patients with the following diseases. Do not try cupping, otherwise it may cause problems. 1. Patients with severe heart disease or body mount metal (bracket); 2. Patients with bleeding tendency, bleeding history, sepsis, hemity, etc. Patient; 4. Systemic skin disease or local skin damage (such as skin allergy or ulcer rupture), macus district, body surface aorta brew and varicose elongate part; 5. The body is extremely weak, thin, skin loss of force, etc. Patients with infectious diseases such as hepatitis, active pulmonary tuberculosis; 7. 瘰疬, 气, front and rear two yin, etc.; 8. Women’s menstrual period, more than four months, children under the age of six and 70 years old Old man, etc.

  Text / Li Dongmei (Beijing Gulou Chinese Medicine Hospital).