The 77th Group Army has a trip to cross-year-old confrontation drills

Missile direct blast target.

Northwestern desert, smoke is filled.

Recently, the 77th Group Army A brigade has streamed the mobile phone to carry out the anti-anti-active anti-anti-action. "Southeast direction discovery goals!" The troops entered the scheduled area, a "enemy" machine hit, radar operation quickly searched captured and reported empty feelings.

Immediately, a directive is transmitted from the command vehicle to each battle position, and the various radar is free from the high speed, and the missile is strict. "Transmit!" The target enters the shooting, the commander will reach the shooting. Air defense missiles such as sharp swords, straightforward objectives.

Subsequently, the "enemy" machine team wandered through the hill and touched the position. Strict missile team officers and men, quickly entered the battle.

Ignition, launch! The missile whistling out, weaving a strict firepower strike network. In the night, the wind is raging, the temperature drop. At this time, the "enemy" machine is hidden when the black cloud is covered, and the artillery position is frequently implemented.

Interference and anti-interference, reconnaissance and anti-reconnaissance … After a fighting, the radar operator successfully locked the "enemy" machine. Under the order, several missiles dragged the tail flame, such as a flanking of the fire dragon … The drill integrates into the tactical background, enhances the officers and soldiers to combat, tactical collaboration, etc. (Editor: Chen Yu, Wang Wei) Sharing let more people see.