Shuyuan Water Summer Summer

Source: Source is a very valuable green treasure in the arid area in the western my country, and the river is an important tributary in the Yellow River. Jinghe Net water is from the hinterland of Liu Panshan, which is the most important green barrier in North China, a veritable "plateau water tower".

Here is a hundred spring flow, thousands of mountains, the green, the water quality is excellent, and it is a veritable summer resort, the heat of the summer, the highest temperature is only 25 ° C.

Frank Gorge, Rouge Gorge, Wild Po Valley, Swaiji, is preferred to all of the six-legged mountains.

Here, the white wall red watt-cigarette, the bridge flows, every village is an attraction, a hundred kilometers of service belt is a long oil painting, living here, eat farmers, enjoy, enjoy the exquisite. Shuyuan County, a small city that can breathe deeply, warm oxygen, and accidentally drunk oxygen.

One of the most beautiful things is the 安格 牛 火 火锅.

You can visit the eight-party Long Night Market, you can drink black fruit, you can be a beef string, you want the source of Wuyuan, here.