Shanxi North China is now a dusty weather, AQI "explosion"

  The Xinhua News Agency Taiyuan March 28 (Reporter Ma Xiaoyuan) On the 28th, there are many dust weather in the central part of Shanxi.

Shanxi Meteorological Observatory started 7:20, the dust was yellow, which was affected by Mongolian Centers and Easy, Datong, Zhangzhou, Zhangzhou, Taiyuan North, Luliang North, and Most of the northern part of Yangquan have appeared sandstorms. The visibility is less than 1000 meters. It is expected that sandstorm weather will still appear in these regions in these areas in the next 12 hours. The reporter saw on the Shanxi Provincial Ecological Environment website on the 28th, the province’s 11th city, Taiyuan, Datong, Yangquan, Zhangzhou, Jinzhong, Zhangzhou, Lu Liang 7 city AQI index explosion table, reaching 500, belonging to serious Pollution, the primary pollutants are PM10.

  On the morning of the 28th, Ms. Chen, who lived in the Xiaodian District of Taiyuan City, opened the curtains, and saw Huang Chengcheng’s sky. "From 16th floor, it seems that the yellow filter is added, and the people who practice downstairs are also significantly less, and the traffic flow in the street is much more." Ms. Chen said that the air purifier at home opened automatic mode, " It has been running on the largest air volume, no one morning. "To address this round of dust weather, Taiyuan City Improve the Provincial City Environmental Quality Leading Group Office issued No. 86 dispatching, accompanied by sand dust transmission, local area in the city There have also been foggy weather, which seriously affects air quality. The counties and districts of various departments should focus on dust pollution, slag, non-road mobile mechanical management, strict implementation of dispatching requirements, effectively reduce atmospheric pollution.

  Taiyuan City requires that during the dust weather, in addition to emergency rescue, the construction site within the whole city has suspended outdoor operations; all kinds of open-air yards are all in place, and all materials with high humidity requirements are all sprinkled; strengthen the main road , Secondary road, pedestrian road, back street street cleaning cleaning, increase road wet sweep; stable car and non-road mobile machinery stop transportation and operation; various industrial enterprises ensure normal operation of pollution prevention facilities, pollutants stabilize standard emissions On the basis, reduce the total amount of pollutant emissions.

  Li Xinsheng, chief predictor of Shanxi Meteorological Observatory, said that the dust weather process is based on input type, mainly from Mongolia, and the southern part of Mongolia and the junction of the Junction of Mong Mongolia are rapidly ground. Under migration, affect Shanxi Province. Li Xinsheng said that although the ecological environment in Shanxi has improved significantly in recent years, all kinds of protective forests reduce the wind speed of the near-surface, inhibited the surface of the surface, but this sandstorm originated from foreign countries, the protective forest is difficult to play significant inhibition of this high-altitude transit dust. The role is also not conducive to the weakening of sand weather in Shanxi Province.

  Meteorologists reminded that residents should close doors and windows, elderly, children, and respiratory system diseases. If you have to decrease as much as possible, if you have to go out, you need to do health protection, go home after going home, and clean the face and nose. The relevant departments should pay attention to the reinforcement of the plate, shed, billboard, etc., and properly resettle outdoor items that are susceptible to high winds. (Finish).