Red boat gap: the kite of the disconnection is not free

  "Two Learning One Do" study and education For more than a year, the majority of party members are quenched in education, and they are tempered in learning, and the party is strengthened.

However, in the process of learning education, some party members have exposed a lot of problems. Particular party members are not disciplined, do not talk about the rules, in the party, in the party. Various behaviors do not meet the identity of party members, and there is also the image of the damage party. Not in the rules, there is no rounded round.

As a member of the party, he has solemn swearing on the party: support the party’s program, abide by the party’s charter, and strictly guarding the party’s discipline.

That is to say, since the date of oath, party members will keep the "party discipline" in mind, integrating the words "Party" in the heart of the party.

From the real situation, some party members have spoken, do things, do not originate from the party discusions.

  Comrade Mao Zedong has pointed out that as party members and iron disciplines are not implemented. The headbands on the head of Sun is gold, the Communist Party is iron, and the golden hoops of Sun bus are still very powerful. It can be seen that discipline is the party’s lifeline, and it is a guide for every Communist Party. In the era of revolutionary war, the Communist Party was relied on the discipline of iron, and the advanced strength from all walks of order was screwed into a rope and achieved the final victory. In 1939, Liu Li Gong was expelled from party events to vibrate the whole party.

In 1938, Liu Ligong joined the Communist Party and entered the party’s training class after he had graduated.

When graduating, the party organization made him go to the grassroots level of North China. But Liu Liong insists on entering the Marxue School or returning to the original. In order to educate him, the party organization has conducted 7 conversations with him, and gave him a mistake.

Later, Liu Liong’s statement was willing to go North China, and the conditions must be working to the General Command of the Eighth Route Army. The party organization disagree, he simply refused to implement the Decision of the party. The Central Party Committee believes that the party has strive to persuade education, but he still does not accept the arrangement of the party organization, violates the party’s discipline, and does not accept the party’s education, correct his mistakes, so it decides to expel its party, and announced The party. In response to this, Chen Yun came to write "Why to expel Liu Liong’s party", it emphasizes the extreme importance of strict abide by the party’s discipline, pointing out that the party is not allowed to abide by the party’s discipline "special person" "special organization", All party members are required to consciously abide by the party discipline.

  The ancients said: "I don’t dare to make it, and they are fearless. Party members follow the rules and discipline, and sometimes the party discharge is the first quasi-rope to ask for it, and to constrain themselves. Once the discipline constraint is lost, or the discipline is as good, the party members are "running the drip", "rushing to the head" in the work, the individual is seriously corrupted, and finally falls into the crime of evil, embarrassed. Just if some of the martyr governments are regretted when they are trapped, they will hold the bottom line, they will not break the discipline, and they will not be unfained by layers. As so-called, one step is wrong, step by step.

Lost discipline, the party members and cadres have no immunity, and they will be subject to many temptations and impact, and even defeat in hunting.

  Looking at the party, also managers around you while taking yourself.

Party members, especially party members, leading cadres must hold their own bottom line, but also set up "high voltage line", manage family, let the power of the "public", "private", only for the masses, do not open green lights for friends and family. Otherwise, it will be harmful to others, harm the party.

Whether it is Liu Tienan to let the boss "bring the son" "more help son", or the Bai Enpei is "care" wife Zhang Huiqing, letting a waiter from a guest house, step by step by step by step by step by step by step. It is finally difficult to escape the party’s law and strict punishment, and the falling of the people is falling … A large number of cases show that party members, especially party members, leading cadres, do not guard the party, no matter how good family members, people will eventually die, harm others. Philosophilies said that the unlined kite not only won’t get freedom, but will plant a sea.

There is a constraint to be more free, and there is discipline. The party discipline provides party members with the fundamental follows of words and deeds. Only every party member is guarding the party, listening to party words, the party’s political ecology will be clear, and the sea is clear.