The Information Office of the State Council issued "Policies and Actions against Climate Change" White Paper

    The State Council Information Office issued "China’s Policy and Action of China ‘s Counterfeit Climate Change" white paper.

  White paper said that climate change is a common challenge of all humanity.

China attaches great importance to address climate change.

As the world’s largest developing country, China overcomes its own economy, society, etc. White paper introduces China’s implementation of actively responding to climate change national strategies. Continuously improve the intention of climate change, strengthen independent contribution goals, and speed up the construction of carbon Dharma carbon and 1 + n policy system. Strengthen the road of green and low-carbon development, implement the reduction of carbon repression cooperation, and actively explore the new model of low-carbon development. Increase greenhouse gas emissions control, effectively control the greenhouse gas emissions in key industrial industries, promote green low-carbon development in urban and rural construction and construction, build a green low-carbon transportation system, and continue to enhance ecological carbon discharge capacity.

Give full play to the role of market mechanisms, continue to promote the construction of national carbon markets, establish a greenhouse gas voluntary emission reduction transaction mechanism.

Promote and implement a major strategy to adapt to climate change and continuously improve the level of climate change.

  White paper says China should have historical changes in climate change.

The economic development and decontamination carculating cooperation effect is highlighted, and green has become a bright background with high quality development. While economic society continues to be healthy, the intensity of carbon emissions has declined significantly. The energy production and consumption revolution have achieved remarkable results, the rapid development of non-fossil energy, the energy consumption is significantly reduced, and the energy consumption structure has accelerated to clean low carbon.

Continuously promote industrial green low carbonization and green low-carbon industrialization. The carbon discharge capacity of ecosystem is significantly improved. Green low carbon life has become a new style.

  White paper pointed out that climate change is a common cause of climate change, in the face of the unprecedented difficulties in the global climate governance, the international community should be with unprecedented ambitions and action, courageous, and actively respond to climate change, seek people and natural harmony Symbiosis. The white paper finally said that China will implement the country’s independent contribution targets, strengthen greenhouse gas emissions control, and improve the level of climate change ability, to promote the construction of human fate communities, making human life’s Earth’s homework is more beautiful.

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