Seven Ranks and Entry into the Road Plateau Zanghua – Tibet University welcomes seventy years

  Located on the 36st Jiangsu East Road, Lhasa City, the old campus of Tibet, the ancient wood ginseng, the book is overflowing. This year is the 70th anniversary of the peaceful liberation of Tibet, and the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Xijie University. As the first comprehensive university founded in the Snow Plateau, in 190 years, Tibet University has started from the tent school, and "unity patriotism, selfless dedication, The spirit of hard work, brave creation, explores a road to modern higher education in the plateau area of ??the plateau.

  Review the history, the development process of Tibet University and the modernization process in Tibet have always been integrated. In the past 70 years, especially the 18th National Congress of the Party, Tibet University adheres to the "specialty school, quality, high school, talents, open school, continuous development", and cultivated a large number of "relying on, it is used," The socialist builders and successors left, are the key construction universities of the National "211 Project", the world’s first-class discipline construction universities, and the universities in the district, become the "talent cradle" of the construction of a new socialist Tibet. From the tent school, to Tibet’s first comprehensive university "I have gone through Tibet University, I have been created, explored, and developed.

After the hard work of the big life, my life has long been deeply integrated into the university and her land.

"In the eyes of Tang Tingfang, Tiefang, Tibet, there is no modern school, to Tibet University stands on the plateau, which is the most proud achievement of the older generation of" hidden people "in her.

  The history of Tibet University dates back to 1951. Under the very special social environment and hard natural conditions, the Tibet school was held, and the Tibetan cadre training class was held, and the Changhe University of Tibet is open.

Since then, after the Tibet Military Region Cadre School, Tibet Local Cadre School, Tibet Administrative Cadre School Stage. In 1965, in 1975, in order to meet the needs of millions of serfs to learn cultural knowledge, build a new Tibet, the school has experienced the development stage of Tibet Normal Schools and Tibet Normal University, and created the first river of Tibet Normal Education, opened in the snow plateau The magnificent chapter of Higher Education.

In July 1985, the school was officially renamed Tibet University, thereby entered a new period with national and regional comprehensive universities.

  In the 21st century, under the national policy support, Tibet University has developed significantly: in 2008, the national "211 project" key construction college list, 2013, 2013, the "National Western Higher Education Revitalization Plan", 2017 Advance "World First-class Discipline Construction colleges and universities, in 2018, became the Ministry of Education and Tibet Autonomous Region People’s Government "universities. At the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the school. At present, Tibet University has formed a full modern higher education system for Dr. Shuo’s education, general prophetic education, foreign students, adult continuing education, and filled Tibet Higher Education The many gaps in the history of development have played a strong role in promoting the Changzhi and high-quality development of the New Era of Tibet.

  Two-way force, advanced the "World First-class Discipline Construction University" In recent years, Tibet University has implemented in-depth implementation of the Ministry of Education "to further strengthen the relevant work of the construction of Tibet University", the Tibet Autonomous Region People’s Government "on accelerating the reform of education. "The spirit of" 211 Project ", the implementation of the" 211 Project ", a series of projects, a series of projects such as the construction of key disciplines, and talent training work.

  "The school has brought discipline construction and talent training as two major clams. In the ’14th Five-Year Plan, the main indicators have basically reached the world’s first-class level." The president of the graduate school of Tibet, introduced, the school Ecology, Chinese Language and Literature (Tibet Language and Literature) Two national key disciplines, 14 autonomous regional key disciplines, ecology successfully selected the world’s first-class discipline construction ranks. As a leader of the school, ecology has now formed a complete talent culture system of Beno Bo. At the same time, the school continues to force in the quality of talents, and vigorously implement the "Everest Scholars" Talent Development Support Program, "Double Temporary Professor" plan, high-level talent team innovation support plan, introduced high-level talents, disciplines lead people , The construction of the young teachers, the advantages of talent system are effectively played. Yang Runhua, deputy director of Tibet University Organization (Personnel). Today, this Chinese has a largest altitude university has a broader vision.

So far, 615 foreign students, surrounded by 44 countries and regions; 138 foreign teachers have been hired to teach Tibet; the establishment of scientific research cooperation with universities and research institutions such as the United States, Norway, Germany, Japan, Nepal, etc., Good inter-school partnerships such as talent exchange; more than 3,000 international politics and visit groups, selection of 763 teachers and students from abroad (environment), forming a full-scale multi-level international exchange partnership pattern.

  After the world, serving Tibet Changzhi and the high-quality development in accordance with the "aiming of big demand, forming a big team, building a big platform, striving for big projects, and has more fruitful results", Tibet University is unified, first-class professional, first-class teacher Waiting for resources, in order to create a major humanistic social network platform, major natural science platform, the major 智 库 platform continues to force, build the Zhufeng International Plateau Science Field Observation and Medical Ambulance Station, Tibet Maccent National Wetland Ecosystem Positioning Observatory, Plateau Major Infrastructure and Environmental Online Safety Monitoring Center, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Special Population Genetic Resource Library, Extreme Environmental Microbial Germplasm Resource Library, Create Earth "Third Empty Tiandi Integrated Infraction Research Platform and other high-level research platform , Becoming an important engine that promotes technological innovation.

  At the same time, Tibet University further strengthened the integration of production and research, building a service area development and the national strategy "incubator".

It is closely grasped the second Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and the 10 research directions were set up to set up the "one river and four rivers" examination project.

Formulate the "Advantaged Discipline Diping the Broad Industry Construction Plan", planning 19 projects to divert the seven leading industries in the autonomous region, relying on the construction of the two university, the establishment of the Tibet Economic Culture Research Center and the Everest Research Institute. After 70 years of development, Tibet University has explored a success of the success of modern higher education in the highland countries, and cultivated more than 80,000 special talents at all levels, providing an important role in the economic construction and social development of Tibet. Intelligence support, becoming an important base for the cultivation, scientific research and reform of Tibet, scientific research and achievements, high-level decision consultation and national cultural inheritance innovation innovation, and an important window of opening and communication. (Editor: Dan Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Sharing let more people see.