The US M1A2 tank has been used for decades, why not develop a new tank?

  Production: Popular China Military Science and Technology Frontier Author: Wang Teng Planning: Jinhe Production: Guangming Net Technology Netizen Asked: The US M1A2 Tank has been used for decades, why not develop new tanks? The M1A2 "Abrams" tank is indeed a "old will", its first in 1992, began equipment forces in 1993. However, it should be noted that although the code is not upgraded, the actual equipment of the tank is indeed continuously updated. In the past few decades, it has been improving new production, not the old tank has always served.

The M1A2 later improvement enhanced protection, fire, power, and electronic system, which is already a new tank.

In a global scale, the development of the Army’s main tank has reached a very special period. Existing equipment has reached a very mature stage, and can meet the requirements of the Arms armored assault forces on the modern battlefield. Figure: M1A2 "Abrams" main battle Tank Domeware is first, the United States has recently planned new models of the main battle tanks, which is the so-called next-generation main battle tank. At the seminar held by Detroit Arsenal, US Army Ground Vehicle System Center, the US Army first secretly showed its M1A2 "Abrams" main battle tanks, with confrontation, Russian T-14 "A Macata "main battle tank.

In the plan, the US Army next-generation main battle tank project is named "OMT), and its development goal is in the 1930s, that is, 2030, gradually replaced M1" Abrams ". Keep up with the evolution of Russian tanks.

图片: The US Army next-generation main battle tank "Optional Man Tank" design plan, in the future battlefield, the degree of dependence on the main battle of the Army is declining.

All kinds of unmanned and the naval, the Air Force’s dependence will be more strengthened, and the super-visual blow is mainstream. When the US military was fighting, the Navy and the Air Force were head arranging. Before the Army truly participated in the battle, the Air Force and the Navy had destroyed the most of the other sings of the other part.

Since there is a "strong brigade friend", the M1A2 "Abrams" tank is a little "heroless use".

  Figure: M1A2 main battle tank SEPV3 improved model, pay attention to special protective armor in front of the turret for recent years, including the United States, more than the United States, mainly put military expenses into the air force, naval and other related fields, in the army equipment Not much investment. The development of the Army’s main battle has entered the "crossroads". The future development direction of the tank is uncertain. The tank is a gun shooting missile, or directly adopted unmanned tanks, it is a topic that needs to be further discussed and studied.