The 14th Sino-European Secretary for Secretary

Original title: The 14th Central European Secretary for Secondary Europe held on December 4th, the 14th Central European Secretary for Secretary. Director of China’s National Intellectual Property Office, Director of the European Patent Office, attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the two sides reviewed the cooperation between the two games, informing the latest progress of their respective intellectual property work, and cooperates with the future bilateral cooperation, especially the two-game PCT international search unit pilot project, the artificial intelligence area, the five-way cooperation framework Cooperation, as well as other intellectual property issues in-depth exchanges.

  Shen Long Yu said that since the epidemic of the new crown, China National Intellectual Property Office has adopted a series of countermeasures to ensure the interests of the applicant and the rights holder. At present, the overall development of China’s intellectual property rights development is stable, and the application for the application and trademark application continues to grow.

In the face of the epidemic challenge, there is a close communication between China and Europe, continuously deepen cooperation, and jointly released the joint statement of the epidemic, launching the pilot project of the Central European PCT International Retrieval Unit.

The cooperation results of the two games are benefiting more and more Central European intellectual property users, serving the innovation and economic and social development of the two places. Antonio Campnos said that this year China’s applicant’s patent application and licensing of the European Patent Office continued to grow, and fully highlights the cooperation results of Europe and China.

The European Patent Office will continue to deepen the comprehensive strategic partnerships in the two games, and expect the joint efforts of both parties, the two games continue to advance into the future and achieve more fruitful results. After the meeting, the two sides signed the 2021 work plan for the Second-Silary Cooperation of China and Europe, and the Data Exchange Understanding Memorandum Supplementary Agreement, and the EPOQUENET related protocol.

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