Silver-wrapping dragon Chinese medicine

  Yangguangwang Harbin December 3 news (Reporter Ma Junshen Intern Li Bing) There is a romantic in this world, is to see you in Dragon Chinese medicine. The winter snow adds a few fairy tale to the Heilongjiang University of Medicine, which makes people feel the unique charm of the winter of the North. The simple and elegant main building is like a dream castle. It seems to be more powerful, and the famous doctor on the road of the doctor is more disturbed in the snow. Although Ice Snow will ablate, the beauty of the campus is still within our hearts. Li Shizhen scattered a long time.

    Blue sky, Baiyun, main building, integrated building, quiet in winter warm sun in winter. The main building is like a fantasy castle, which is more powerful. The snow falls into a poetry and poetry. This flying snow, the door of the season, the frozen Northland is also difficult to cover up. Wildflowers are still rejuvenating in the cold.

    The branches are wrapped in crystal clear ice crystals, and the color of the color is mapped under the sunlight.

    Winter, a bright color, becoming a chic "amber". The famous doctor sculptures in the snow are more stateable Mu Rui.

    All the sounds seem to be buried with snowflakes, quiet, any voice is vivid.

    The rumors in the snow stand sprilically, guarding the road of knowing the Dragon Chinese Medicine.

    "Favorite Dongshan sunny snow, soft red light in Yin Mountain." The snow of Dragon Chinese medicine, floating, floating gentle, like the spirit of Chinese medicine, the infiltration of students, silently, but throwing a voice.

The doctor is benevolent, such as the Shuxue of the Magines, guards the Dragon River.