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Original title: Multiple reasons lead to a lot of urban inner (Golden Table "

Where is the difference in urban hide? How to effectively solve internal problems? This reporter has went to investigate more, interviewed the heads of relevant departments, experts scholars, etc. Building a flood control and drainage system should fully consider the natural geographical characteristics of the city and the survey of the Hong Kong influence reporter. Some cities that have occurred in some internal floods and the double impacts of rainy weather and special terrain. Drainage flooding work is difficult.

Some places are concentrated, and there are many rivers, and the double pressure of "natural precipitation, upstream" is undertaken in the drainage and flood control.

Zhejiang Jiaxing City, the rainfall of April to October accounts for about 70% of the annual rainfall. Every year, Mei Yufang period, Jiaxing north is affected by Tahu and Taipu River, the western side of the Dongli Creek came from the upstream of Dongyixi, causing the inner river water level to operate, river water inverted drainage pipeline, resulting in the low-lying rainwater in the low-lying in the main urban area, increasing water.

In Changsha City, Hunan Province, the urban terrain is high, the middle is low, and there is a natural short board in drainage and flood flood. At the same time, the subtropical monsoon climate leads to rainfall here, extremely strong rainfall, flooding, further increased the pressure of flood flood flood flood flood flood flood flood flood flood flood flood flood in the rainy season.

Teaching Hou Ming, Professor Hewei City, Xi’an University of Technology, is prone to urban types in the mountains, "Jinan, Fuzhou, Guiyang" representatives in front of the city, and these cities are often easily received around the city. The hill of flood in the mountainous area. The city of the Pearl River Delta as a representative of coastal cities, in addition to being affected by local rainstorm, it is easy to receive the serious impact of upstream water, downstream tide water, so often lead to urban halving, "experts said, building flood control and drainage system First, we should fully consider the natural geographical characteristics and moon impact of the city, and coordinate the city flood control and drainage, so that you can do more than half of the effort.

Increase the area of ??urban impermeability, naturally saved space reduction, increasing the difficulty of flood-saving, the rainfall caused by natural conditions, difficult to drain, and there are also urban construction.

Reader Feng Wenzhao said in the letter: "Compared with the previous city, the city is large, the waterway, the cement road is getting more and more. The large-area concrete floor is poor, even if it encounters the same intensity rain, the city is high More easily water.

Luo Pingping, Professor, School of Water Conservancy and Environment, Chang’an University, believes that urban impermeable water distribution roads increased, reduced the amount of rainfall and the amount of rainfall, and when the rainstorm is coming, the flow rate is accelerated, so it is easier Forming waterlogs.

In fact, the surface of the pond, lake and farmland is "natural storage pool", which helps rain into the ground, reducing the water.

With the continuous advancement of urbanization, some natural storage spaces such as rivers and lakes have been filled, occupied, and objectively exacerbated. Some readers believe that in the 1980s, the two sides of the Tianhe District of Guangzhou City were basically farmland, and in 2009, the rivers have been covered by various buildings and roads, and the frequency of internal floods has also increased. The internal factors produced in the urbanization process need to be effectively responded through scientific planning and design.

The reporter survey found that some cities were not sufficient to consider this in this regard during the planning and construction.

Some cities have cut off a natural drainage route for dozens of kilometers in the construction road. Only the roads on the road are only connected, and the drainage is changed from the "line" to "point", increase the pressure of drainage flood.

Some places have not fully considered risk risk in planning low-lying regions, blindly adopt tunnel programs, buried hidden dangers. Chen Wenlong, Dean of the Pearl River Water Resources Research Institute, said: "Building a tunnel in the terrain low-lying area, once the heavy rain is encountered, or the river is rapidly rising, it is easy to cause the tunnel to be flooded, causing casualties. From the perspective of flood control, the terrain Low-lying area traffic should be more adopted. "In addition, when there are urban development planning and important project programs, the influence of flood disasters is not comprehensive enough, and important projects are selected in high-risk disasters such as urban low-lying areas. Urban construction is a system engineering, drainage system upgrade and transformation should be considered, and overall planning for the internal factors produced in the process of natural formation and urbanization, various departments have vigorously promote the construction of drainage and flood facilities, and the urban governance has made positive progress.

However, from the China Water Delivery Disaster Prevention Publication, the current city is still more, the reason is the cause of the extreme weather, on the other hand, the improvement of the drainage system needs a more Long process. The existing drainage facilities are designed in accordance with the standard, and the standard is low and drainage facilities, it is a matter of many cities. The old city is particularly obvious.

Zhao Duping, deputy director of the Drainage Management Office of the Urban and Rural Construction Bureau, Anhui, said: "The drainage system in the new city and the old city is construction in different periods, the national standard standard is continuously updated, and the construction standards for urban drainage facilities are also improved in synchronization, in the drainage ability There is a difference, and the facilities have not reached the new revised standard.

"In Xuancheng City, Anhui Province, the old town is aging, rain is often rolled out, causing internal halves.

In the past few years, the local new construction is transformed, and the drainage in the old city will be improved.

The reporter learned in Changsha City that most of the underground drainage system of the old city is rain and flow, rain, sewage through the same channel emissions, encounter heavy rain, easy to have.

In recent years, due to environmental protection, Changsha City has been cutting and transforming the rainfall joint pipeline, requiring rain sewage to be discharged after the plant is processed. Once you encounter heavy rain, due to the rainy amount, the wastewater treatment plant tends to pressure, even if the full load operation is also difficult to deal with the instantaneous flood pressure, therefore, some low-lying zones form a water point.

All regions have attached great importance to the "historical ownership" of the drainage system, introduced many planning, measures, but the upgrade and transformation of the drainage system will not be a lot, and there are many practical difficulties need to carefully study and properly solve. In recent years, Xi’an, Shaanxi has built a "sponge city" pilot project in some areas, and solves some water problems. However, Xi’an has a long history, complex underground cases, in addition to drainage pipes, water pipes, power supply lines, network lines, etc., and some cultural relics and monuments, increased the difficulty of transformation and upgrading of underground drainage pipe networks. "Urban construction is a system engineering, and the drainage system is unable to carry out.

The lack of coordination during the promotion, it will restrict even weaken the drainage ability. "Fan Qi, a reader of Anyang City, Henan Province.

Zeng Shifan, deputy director of Yuelu District, Changsha City, believes that during the urban development process, the construction of ground development and underground pipe network is not synchronized. It is an important reason for the formation of urban floods. "Some places have never had a lot of water in the past, but During the construction of the subway construction, the original underground drainage box culvert was moved, but formed in the formation of internal floods. "The internal impact is related to the level of urban emergency management, should strengthen early warning monitoring, improve the emergency plan, in addition to natural geography, urban construction, etc. The impact of the inner hurts to urban residents is also closely related to the urban emergency management level. In April this year, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Implementation Opinions on Strengthening Urban Treatment", clearly improving urban drainage and internal prevention related emergency plans, strengthening flooding and natural disaster risk monitoring warning, and timely and accurate issuance of warning forecasts according to responsibility Information, do a good job in urban transportation organizations, guides and emergency evacuation.

Guangdong Shaoguan City Reader Liu Keyuan believes that it is important to publish flood warning information in advance. "If you can promptly release urban prediction, remind the public where to be a dangerous area of ??Yizheng, the masses can avoid or timely transfer in advance Reduce unnecessary losses. "" To reduce the impact of urban floods, the key is to shorten the amount of water time.

"Changsha Tianxin District Municipal Facilities Maintenance Center, the long and senior soldiers, should improve the level of emergency management, strengthen the construction of professional team, can reduce the life of the residents by establishing a smart platform. Impact. Cheng Ji Xue, deputy director of Changsha City Drainage Center, said that the rainy season needs to be equipped with anti-losing and rescue vehicles, equipment and professional rescue personnel, paying attention to duty in the urban area; dry season, also need rescue personnel, anti-lush staining and rescue The vehicle is ready to stand at any time. "In some short time, it is difficult to rectify to the position of easy treatment, and you can also equip the video surveillance system.

Cheng Ji Xue said.

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