Shanshan Window – Guizhou Channel

Sakhan County, is affiliated to Guizhou Province, Guizhou Province, Zhibo Miao Autonomous Prefecture, located in Guizhou, bordering Guangxi Nantan County, is a must-have to enter the two widespread portions of Guizhou and even southwestern.Dongbang two wide, western, Nanchang, Nanchang ASEAN, north to Tianfu, "Guizhou South Gate", "Southwest Portal", is an important town in southern Guizhou, and the open front edge of the eastern region.

& NBSP & NBSP Shanshan County square square kilometers.

In 2012, the total population of Changshan County was 350,000, with a total production value of 100 million yuan.

It was identified by the state as a grade A open county, and the provincial government was identified as a comprehensive reform test area of ethnic areas, agricultural integrated development counties, collective economic test areas and hot technology intensive test areas.