US stock market IPO application a lot of extension

[] US President Trump recently announced an agreement with the Congress to provide three weeks of financial support for the affected federal government departments, marking the closeness of the 35-day Federal government in the record.

For more than a month, the impact of government closures has gradually emerged in the social and economic level, and the US stock market has to suspend IPO (first public offer) process, and many Chinese companies have also been tired. Although the US Securities and Exchange Commission for IPO matters is expected to start all-in-office office, due to the IPO applications for the previous backlog, the business is restored to the normal expect to be in March.

Due to missed the point in the February, the IPO of multiple companies is expected to be postponed to be too late.

  The Nasdaq Exchange website data shows that from January 1st, there are 3 companies listed on the Nasdaq Exchange. The recent stock pricing time is January 8, and the next company is expected to be on February 1st. Can be listed. Due to the elastic budget, some departments of the US Securities Exchange Commission listed in the company have entered a closed state in December 27, 2018, and about 4,400 staff will be reduced to 300, and their investment management and enterprises. The finance department has the greatest impact, and the corporate finance department is responsible for the company’s listed financing. According to US regulatory requirements, companies to list in the United States need to submit to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, and professional staff, accounting and analysts of the US Securities and Exchange Commission Corporate Finance Department will study the initial proposed prospectus, generally In 20 days, it is proposed, and the company can advance the listing work after submitting the final version of the prospectus.

According to the normal process, the company will perform a roadshow after submitting the final version of the prospectus, and can determine the issuance price before the market is listed. Most of the proposed listed enterprises that have entered the approval process are forced to wait, and a few choices continue to advance the listing work, and they are expected to recover the federal governments as soon as possible. Many companies choose to complete the listing in mid-February. If you miss this point, you can’t use the business data in the third quarter of the previous year, and the use of the fourth quarter business data will need to take the audit process, which means The listing will be significantly delayed.

  Adina Fredman, the CEO of the Nasdaq Exchange, said, due to fluctuations in the fourth quarter of 2018, some companies have postponed IPO.

As of the end of 2018, the number of IPO applications increased by 22% year-on-year, and the government closed further affected the listing of the company. After the US Securities Exchange Commission reopened the door, there will be a large number of unprocessed IPO applications. The industry believes that if it is not necessary to pass the stock market financing, if the company urgently needs funds, it may be forced to finance the private placement or equity fund, and can also take a merger of mergers and acquisitions. There may be a large change in the market.

  Since the US Capital Market is one of the important options in China’s businesses, the listing of Chinese companies will inevitably be affected.

According to reports, at least 20 Chinese companies have been listed in the United States, including Shenzhen Samoyed Internet Financial Services Co., Ltd. from the financial sector, Tencent’s investment, Fuju Securities International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Guangdong Ginger Biotechnology Shares Ltd., Beijing Hua Fu Education Group, Internet Borrowing Platform Enterprise Zhejiang Xiaotai Technology Co., Ltd., etc. One of the insiders from investor relations with China’s business relationships said that due to the closing of the US government, the company’s listing is estimated to wait until the end of February. Data show that 190 companies in the United States have been successfully launched in 2018, with a total of $ 46.8 billion, all have the highest level since 2015. Among them, 32 Chinese companies listed in the United States, financing $ 89 billion, the number of listings is the most since 2010. According to institutions, in 2019, the United States expected to have 100 to 200 companies, and the financing amount was between $ 25 billion to 60 billion US dollars.

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