The township road is wide and all the way "Feng" scenery

  Tianjin Northern Network News: In order to help the village revitalization, Wuqing District is built according to the construction, good management, good service, and fully do four good rural road construction.

At present, the total mileage of rural roads in the district has reached 2119 kilometers, and the rural road columns reached 100%; the town street and construction villages were 30%, and 100% of the passing rate, all the farmers and township streets established a rural road management station. A rural road network is formed safe and conveniently and efficient. As the construction of rural road construction is highlighted, Wuqing District was rated as a national exemplary county (area) of the country’s four good rural roads in the Ministry of Transport and Agricultural Rural Rural Areas. High standards and raising rural roads strictly implement the seven publication we thanked this Sha high road, the road is wide and flat, driving a motor vehicle is particularly good, our village tomatoes, melon, etc., 15 minutes can be transported nearby The hope of increasingly increasingly increasingly in the wholesale market! Talking about the four good rural roads, Tiancun Town, Wuqing District, Tiancheng Town, Yang Yongcheng said.

  A few days ago, the reporter took the truck to experience the Saao Road.

I saw the road to be wide and neat, the road to the road is planted, and the trees, the crown is golden, the tree is white, and the number of vehicles travel all the way.

Those, there are bricks and red guides on both sides of the road and the beige blind road, very human.

  Wuqing District Department of Transportation Engineering Management Deputy Chief Liu Liming introduced high road sand kilometers long, runs from north to south throughout the High Town, is a very important trunk roads within the town. In the past this road because of historical reasons, the road is narrow, poor road conditions, traffic impact.

To this end, Wuqing District Department of Transportation and the high villages close cooperation, the high road into the sand to create one of the four good rural road, helping to revitalize the local economy and social development. Built for high-quality sand High Road, Wuqing District Department of Transportation give full play to the supervisory role of industry, science and improve road design and planning, improve road construction standards, far more than similar road construction standards to ensure that road life can reach 20 years .

In addition, all of the original frame various pipelines in the air all come down to earth to ensure that vehicular traffic safer; embedded rain and sewage diversion pipeline, not to let the road become a zipper, repeatedly excavation.

  In the rural road construction project, the Wuqing strict implementation of seven public system (construction plans, department patch policy, the bidding process, construction process management, quality supervision, completion and acceptance, the use of funds), so that supervision by the masses, to solve the rural road project and more difficult to quality supervision.

  November 2019, high sand road was opened to traffic at the beginning, Wuqing District Department of Transportation has actively guide High Town Road station comprehensive improve road maintenance, and the establishment of a long road system. Carried out on the use of innovative conservation funding reform, directly into the station, and comprehensively improve the level of maintenance. Master Cheng Qing told reporters, District Department of Transportation to award funds direct aid and issued a stop, let us buy a computer, the implementation of intelligent road management measures; increase the salaries of maintenance of way, and deliberately recruit poor people to join nursing Road ranks, increasing the difficulty source of household income, but also to enhance the level of road maintenance. Bring all the way around the industry to accelerate the revitalization of rural Tianjin Times Online News: Early winter, the weather is cool, but in the Wuqing Hebei Lee adults Tunzhen Village, where rural tourism is still a fire scene. Tour bus, minibus along straight roads has been moved into the village, bed and breakfast alive, the streets selling local delicacies villagers were also very happy because of visitors come to buy. Zhang Jiang village face it man said happily: In order to boost the development of rural tourism village, Wuqing District Department of Transportation promptly built a wide, flat road to riches ── love all the way, let us past this island village surrounding villages with fast connection together to promote the rapid increase in visitors and promote the villagers’ income. We are currently With this love all the way, to create tourism, health support industry, urban agriculture in one of Beijing, Tianjin and the revitalization of rural model village. The last road is stone road, years of neglect, turned to stone road, potholed, traffic is not convenient, leading tomato, radish and other high-quality agricultural products sales limited, good products do not sell a good price. Wuqing Hebei Tunzhen farmers Ma Yunpeng said, guys, and since love the way open to traffic, open up sales channels fruits and vegetables, picking the rapid development of tourism, every booth of its revenue doubled. Love all the way to a completely activate the economic and social development of Hebei Tunzhen this remote northeastern town of Wuqing District, to promote urban agriculture, rural tourism industry is booming, rapid development.

  Wuqing District, Party secretary of Hebei Tunzhen Huangguo Yan said that love is the way we work together and the District Department of Transportation to build a four-good rural road. We closed loop shape along the 20 km-long road, the construction of the village Shaw rush tomatoes characteristic village, sea accurate real plantation, Lau melon and other agricultural industrial park and eight seasons eco-garden demonstration area, forming a village characteristic of a product village agricultural industry, built a set of farming culture, leisure picking, villagers and leisure in one of the corridors, revitalization of rural construction of demonstrative town accelerate. Willing to spend money to build the rural road early in the morning to activate the elements of the countryside, a big yellow school bus on the nose firmly docked at the village shop Liangzhen field water, and so filled with kids, this car school bus located on the fast drive to town high school, cold morning sitting in a warm car, said the children very happy. Zhang Shuyi said village face it, the village because there is no school, children need to go to town to go to school, parents are the last shuttle ride electric vehicles, very inconvenient.

Since the village road repaired, successfully entered the village on the school bus, parents and effort, the children enjoy a happy life.

Not only that, relying on the accessibility of rural roads, the village also express delivery vehicle, pull the radish rabbit pulling smoothly catch the express train, sold more. Rely on accessible rural road network, Wuqing District has gradually establish a variety of ways as the backbone of public transport, rural passenger lines, taxis, rental and other peer to complement the three-dimensional passenger transport system. Up to now, the district has all kinds of carriers class line 50 461 vehicles, 488 taxi station.

The region’s towns Street courier operators fully established logistics network, opened the last kilometer logistics, built the main town street village three rural commodity logistics network.

Consumer realized countryside, agricultural products into the city two-way channel.

  Was built four good rural road, Wuqing District, the district government will this work as an important political task, set up a long road responsibility in the leading group led by the mayor, the government writes four good rural road work report and main indicators into the area, Towns in the comprehensive objective assessment, the construction funds, funding routine maintenance, maintenance engineering funds included in the budget area. District government each year for rural road construction and maintenance of special funds 50 million yuan; for district level road construction funds 20 million yuan. In 2020, Wuqing District built 131 kilometers of rural roads, rural roads by 2021 plans to build 123 kilometers, involving 100 administrative villages. Wuqing District Department of Transportation party secretary, the Secretary Huangzhan Guo said: In the District, the direct leadership of the district government, in support of City Transportation Commission, will continue to build the Wuqing District, four good good maintenance of rural roads, making rural revitalization of road travel, road ecology, industry Road, Wenhua Road, the road has become a well-off life happy villagers to get rich.

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