Step on Danxia Landform, blocked "Wenxao Promotion Ambassador", netizen: Encourage everyone to step on?

Extreme News Reporter Ma Haoran video editing Xuan Yao On November 16

Last year, the blogger has brought companions to the Yulin City Jingbian County Wogu Scenic Area, violating the rules and stepped on Danxia landform, triggered police criticism and public opinion condemnation, and then he publicly apologized online.

The people who step onto the scenic spot become a promotion ambassador, which makes netizens feel difficult to understand.

"Adventure Thunder" Weibo Shuttle Network Red Blogger Zeng Danxia landform "Adventure Lei" is a well-known network red blogger, which opens a personal account in multiple social platforms, and the number of microblog fans reaches 10,000. The ultimate journalist search for the blogger Weibo found that July 2020, he had criticized public opinion and netizens due to violation of the Danxia in the Yulin City, Yulin County

In July 2020, "Adventure Thunder" released a video clique called "Belt Ukrainian Girls to Explore Nini Nini, Trustees" in a video website.

In the short film, "Adventure Thunder" visited the Natural Scenic Area of ??Shaanxi Yulin Jingbian Danxia, ??showing a yellow warning sign labeled "there is falling stone, prohibited into the inner" scenic, and then knowing that the storm is low from the warning sign Down drill into it. Subsequently, he was excited to introduce the lens "First pass through this banned brand", followed by a picture of the companion climbed in Danxia landform. In the microblog screenshot video, the villagers are proficient in the fences of the two activities, and the "Adventure Thunder" is released to the railings, and she is allowed to walk in Danxia landform. "Adventure Thunder" offers a feeling of the lens: "This wavy Valley Danxia landform, it is really worth watching, this is red sand.

"It is understood by the police criticism. It is understood that Jingbian Danxia Natural Scenic Area is constituted by red sandstone Danxia landform, known as the time of time, also known as the waveguard, its rock complex level, is made by hundreds of years ago Jurassic starts to deposit huge dune composition.

Many netizens have expressed indignation after seeing the video: "Danxia landform geology is very precious, he is a known reason!" "In order to be a red, it deliberately destroyed Danxia landform.

"" Please don’t come, we don’t welcome you. " "After the incident," Adventure Thunder "released Weibo to explain his behavior on July 8, 2020, and said apologized.

He said that as a tourist blogger, he knows that his creation should be positive, positive energy, bringing you the right behavior demonstration, and it has been targeted.

But this time, he did not do it, and he realized that his mistake was pointed out later, it should be deeply reflected. After recognizing improper behavior, he rushed to Jingbian from Shanghai to engage in this matter, and apologize for the first time after the survey results come out. "Adventure Thunder" Previously, the apology statement "Adventure Thunder" also said that the shooting program is not to show off, but want to explore the humanities in Shaanxi after the epidemic, and the resources of Shaanxi are also protected.

The brand "banned" is a first-line Tianscape area to remind tourists to pay attention to falling stones, which is easy to be misunderstood is banned to enter the wavy valley, they do not intend to destroy the landform. "Adventure Thunder" Previously, the apology statement is now being hired as a national promotion ambassador, and "Adventure Thunder" once again attracted people to pay attention to November 16, 2021. On the same day, the Secretary of the Wenxiong Bureau of Yulin City often created the Creation of the Wen Travel, and the net red tourism blogger Chen Lei (adventure and rural) has awarded the honorary certificate of "Yulin City Cultural Tourism Promotion Promotion in Shaanxi Province". "Adventure Thunder" won the microblog of "The Ambassador of Yulin City Cultural Tourism Promotion in Shaanxi Province" said that Yulin is a treasure land that is watching the silk road, and he walked into Yulin in 18 months. It reports that Jingbian Wancheng, Wavy Valley Danxia Landform, Gaojiabao, Yulin Ancient City, Millennium Stone Ruins, Tree Tree Heroes, etc., strive to restore a true and most comprehensive Silk Road city. This move of the Yulin City, many netizens said: "Encourage everyone to step on it?" "Is these local Wenxiao bureau not online?" 17th, the extreme news reporter once again called Yulin City The Phone of the Wenxiong Bureau shows unattended. On the 17th, the extreme news reporter learned from the Longzhou Police Department of Jingbian County Public Security Bureau, after 2020, "Adventure Lei" violates the rules of Danxia, ??the local police and the tourism department were detailed after investigation, and the geology was harder. The walking of several people did not cause big damage. They were then criticized and educated, and they apologized on the network media, and they took them into the villagers of the scenic spot to deal with administrative detention.