Shangnan 147 returning home to become a country revitalizing leader

Original title: Shangnan 147 returned people to become a rural resurrection leader this newspaper (Reporter Zheng Fei correspondent Li Zhijun) After the spring tea, June 8, Director of the Baiji Village Supervisor Commission in Shangnan County Chen Xushua led workers and began tea tree trimming, cut grass, etc. in 170 mu of tea gardens

The reporter learned from the organization department of Shangnan County Party Committee that in this year’s county village (community) "two committees", there is a total of 147 people like Chen Xuhua. There are 147 people in the "two committees". They became a rural resurrection leader.

45-year-old Chen Xushua worked in Zhejiang for more than 10 years.

Last year, his tea processing plant and 170 mu of tea bases absorb more than 30 people came to work, only 140,000 yuan was issued.

"This year, I also tried 7 acres of thin skin walnuts. If it was successful, I took the development of the folks." Chen Xushua said with a smile.

"Since the beginning of the village (community), the" two committees "in the first year of the Village (community), Shangnan County has developed the" one package "policy, from political incentives, mentally encouragement, substance reward, organizational security, etc., attract foreign workers The staff returning to the village cadres will actively require the party and meet the requirements of returning personnel, priority development is party members; recommending the willingness to participate in politics and meet the requirements of returning to the "two generations".

Shangnan County passed regular "secretary", "education improved education", and improved the ability of returning staff; fully implementing the stable growth mechanism of village cadres, and linked village cadres and village-level collective economic benefits, for 10 years The above left-proof cadres issued subsidies, gradually increase the treatment; actively create conditions, accelerate the development of returning to the village cadres to bring heads, leading the rich, and leading the rich and leading the countryside leading cadres, test township agencies Civil servants, recruiting township industry compilers, expanding their development space. Under the attraction of a good policy, Liu Heng, who has been director of the workshop in Jiangsu, and returned to the village Committee of the Garden Village Village Committee of Qingshan Town, when the village was changed this year.

Talking about the development of the future, the 33-year-old Liu River is full: "I plan to consolidate the original tea planting and pig breeding, the village provides seedlings and technology, responsible for sales, guiding the masses to develop 1000 mu of peppers. At the same time Toilet, optimize the living environment, implement garbage sorting, and strive to make the environment of the village clean and make the people’s life more beautiful.

(Editor: Zuo Rui, Deng Nan).