The fund is used to impaired three hundred employees Taiwan Apple Daily to the end of the month or turn off the light

  The picture shows the Taiwan Apple Daily Building in Northern Lake.

(Information photo from Taiwan Media) Huaxia Jingwei Net December 7: According to Taiwan’s "Wang Daily" report, Hong Kong Media Dahen Li Zhiying’s nextdigital will close the "Apple Daily" Taiwan department at the end of this month. According to Taiwan’s "Wang Daily" quoted the US media news, the Taiwan Apple Daily will use it in December to operate the funds and stop the issuance.

There is currently 300 employees in Taiwan, they will lead to their returns. Taiwan’s "Apple Daily" trade union said that there is currently no relevant news, will be aware of the partner.

Apple News Network issued a statement, I don’t know where the speculation came, so I don’t do any response.

  Taiwan’s "Apple Daily" has been suspended on May 18, focusing on the development of Apple News.

  It is understood that the Taiwan "Apple Daily" has just held a labor conference on the 3rd, and there is no announcement in the meeting, mainly for discussions such as the Hong Kong Court assigned a temporary liquidation and corporate financial situation. Taiwan’s "Apple Daily" has a reporter that it did not receive formal notifications, but the mentality or less preparation, everything is still to be officially explained. The Taipei City Labor Bureau said that in June and September, the Apple Daily was notified in a large number of dismissions in December.

  It is reported that according to the relevant provisions of Taiwan, the company must notify within 60 days of dismissal, such as more than the statutory dismissal and not reported, that is, involving violations of "a large number of fire protection laws", can be fined 100,000 to 500,000 yuan. "Apple Daily" boss Li Zhiying, due to the organization and participation in the 2019 parade, was sentenced to 20 months in the Hong Kong Court and further involved three cases of trial. On June 17, Hong Kong police arrested the media and Hong Kong "Apple Daily" five high-rise, and freezing the company’s assets and accounts, Hong Kong "Apple Daily" announced on June 23. In the case of the media, it has also been out of June this year, and the independent third party is not legally binding, or selling its Taiwan business to the other party, has not been subsequent.

(End) Editor: Li Xin.