Shenzhen to create a global satellite launch and application industrial innovation highland

Original title: Our city builds a global satellite launch and application industrial innovation highland major equipment and key components development projects up to 300 million yuan funded, a single satellite project is 2 billion yuan funded, launch insurance is up to 50 million yuan funding, and the special application demonstration project is the highest 30 million yuan funded … Journal June 7, that the "Shenzhen City on supporting satellite and application industries" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions") was officially issued by the Shenzhen Development Reform Commission. The "Opinions" launched 16 innovative initiatives from the five aspects of building featured application scenarios, enhanced independent innovation capabilities, and consolidate infrastructure construction, helping Shenzhen to build international first-class, domestic leading "satellite +" innovative ecology, and build Shenzhen Become a global satellite and application industrial innovation highland.

  Laving with industrial advantage in recent years, Shenzhen has high technical content almost every year, and the industry has strong driving satellite and has a wide international influence. In December 2018, the first star launch of Shenzhen Hungyan constellation was successful. This is the first national commercial space project in my country; September 2019, China’s first polar remote sensing satellite manufactured in Shenzhen was successfully launched; 2020, the world’s first The high-pass satellite "Shenzhen Star" designed for the mobile service optimization system successfully promoted, so that Shenzhen became the second city with communication satellites after Beijing.

  In order to grab the strategic opportunities of satellites and application industries, give full play to the advantages of Shenzhen information technology and equipment manufacturing industries and market subject. This "opinion" is proposed to encourage satellites and all walks of life to integrate application to build features. Scenes. Supporting satellites in transportation logistics, marine economy, natural resources, urban security, environmental protection, etc. At the same time, "Opinions" proposed, to support civil space infrastructure construction, support enterprise investment construction independent controllable, safe and stable global high-pass broadband satellite communication system and regional characteristic remote sensing constellation, and give a single satellite project up to 200 million yuan Funding, launching commercial insurance gives up to 50 million yuan funding.

  In the development of industrial clusters, "Opinions" will support quality enterprises to lead the construction of satellite specialty industrial parks, with major application demonstrations as the lead, aggregate a number of satellites and application chip design, satellite terminal development, development, remote sensing big data processing system, Intelligent satellite development, satellite operations and other industrial chains, upstream key enterprises, accelerate the formation of scale effects, support the construction of millions of satellite application industries.

  Promote technological innovation to create a new high-level land in the global industry, satellite Internet has become the most active field of satellite and application industries, and triggered the world’s national competition layout. Shenzhen relying on mechanisms, talents, innovation and industries, introduced major projects and scientific research institutions such as Asia-Pacific high-volume broadband satellite communication system projects, micro-satellite bases, and organized satellite navigation applications, micro-satellite industries, aerospace technology and Major projects such as application, lay out in advance in the aerospace field. In this "opinion", in the enhanced independent innovation capability, accelerate the important link of satellite and application industrial chains, "Kung Fu". For the core areas of communication, navigation, remote sensing satellites, integration integration applications and satellite development, layout a number of major equipment and key components development projects, and give project funding for up to 300 million yuan. According to estimates, the average annual market size of satellite mobile communication terminal will reach 8 billion yuan in the next five years. "Opinions" proposed, encourage enterprises to build satellites and application core products, parts production lines, support all kinds of satellite terminals, Beidou navigation, liquid crystal phalays, remote sensing equipment and other satellite application terminal product development and achievement conversion, encourage The development and marketization of high-end satellite data products in the application scenario, and gives up to 15 million yuan. In the face of the major opportunities, satellites and application requirements, the large-scale growth of satellite and application requirements, Shenzhen will rely on mechanisms, talents, innovation and industries, attract global key projects, major platforms and aerospace talents to gather in Shenzhen, consolidate And enhance leading advantages, help Shenzhen to create a global satellite and application industrial innovation highland. (Reporter Zou Yuan) (Editor: Zhang Chen Mu, Chen Yizhuang).