Tibeta Tucheng multi-measures to protect the moisture ecology

The People’s Network November 3 (Xu Yuxi) is one of the Alioda Wetlands in Jiali County, Naqu City, Tibet Autonomous Region, is one of the highland wetlands integrating the international wetlands of the Tibet Autonomous Region and the National Nature Reserve. The wetland area is 43496 hectares, with an average sea level, which belongs to the plateau marsh meadow wetlands. For local soil, prevent seasonal flooding, blocking upstream sediments and forms a high productivity, and the swamp wetland has an important role. In recent years, Naqu City has taken multi-measures to protect the Wheat card wetland. Through the implementation of the Lhasa river source protection project, the Mai Landa wetland has built a facility such as ecological toilet, patrol roads, boundary piles, boundaries, identification cards.

In addition, multiple patrol stations are also provided in the Wheat Cap Wetland, and patrols are regularly patrolled within the protected area regularly, and the animals and plants in the patrol are effectively monitored. Microdi wetland protection is the epitome of the city in recent years to continue to promote wetland protection. That song is located in the north of Tibet. The city has a total wetland in the city.

In recent years, the song has formulated the implementation of the "Musk City Wetland Protection Repair System", implemented the government departments to the management responsibility of wetland protection, the responsibility of wetland repair, the resulted effectiveness supervision responsibility, and implemented a large number of major wetland protection and repair projects. It has achieved good results.

At present, the song has gradually improved the wetland protection management system, and the county (district), township, village (residential) three-level wetland management mechanism is responsible for the county (district) natural resources department, township, village (residential) agency, the city Hiring the ecological governance of agriculture and herdsmen ‘s wetland ecological management and supervisors more than 5,000 people. (Editor: Dan Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Sharing let more people see.