Returned to visit the housing in the house regularly

Original title: Regular homes to visit the renovation of the housing in the housing, everything is updated. Walk into the Hui Li Village, Yongli Village, Xinghua Township, Xihuiquan County, Heilongjiang Province, clean and unified and unified. Who can think of it, four or five years ago, it is still full of sandy roads and "rainyness, sunny day,"? "Winter gas, summer leakage, there is a crack in the wall, the total feeling is unstable.

"Recalling 6 years ago, his own appearance, the 73-year-old Bai Mingfu shook his head straight.

At that time, Baishu County, like Bai Ming, a lot of situations.

As a deep poor county, until the end of 2015, Bayquan County still had thousands of people living in a mud house. "Good policy is coming, our old two is coming!" Now the white Mingmai, is rushing in the hospital in the hospital, this is the renovation of dangerous houses, the construction team is in accordance with his requirements, specially covered the summer Nazzled venue. Walk into the old house, the window is a net, and the new toilet is bright and tidy. The experience of Bai Mingcai is not an example.

Up to now, Bayquan County insisted that we should repair it, and should be transferred. It has been transformed from 20,514 households. But only once, it is difficult to die for all, and the retrofit house is once again problematic, it is likely to let the depleted households face the rising risk.

To this end, the fiscal funds in Baishuan County have funded 3 million yuan per year. As a subsequent maintenance funds of dangerous houses, two housing safety administrators are set up in each township, and 1 housing safety specialist, and through housing regular census , "Six maintenance systems" such as random spot check, emergency repair, technical services, construction supervision, safety appraisal, and dynamically monitor the security of mass housing, track and solve new problems in time. Not long ago, the housing after the Changli Village of Xinghua Township was transformed in 2016, and the ground is slightly underwater due to many rainwater, and tilting and crack occurred. "I feel that the problem is not big. After all, the child wants to study, I want to spend money on the child first." Chu Changwei straight. When I was regularly visited, the village housing safety specialist was surprised by Pengfa.

"If you encounter extreme weather, there is a collapse.

How can this? "" The cost of repair is subsidized by government, you can rest assured! " "On the side of Pengfa and Chu Changwei explained policies, he reported to the township government. The third-party professional institution approved the safety of housing: it was a C-class dangerous house, which can be carried out for secondary maintenance. The construction team is very fast, determined to repair After the plan, I saw the house change in 3 days.

"The old rooms change new house, there is also the safety identification of professional institutions, live in such a house, rest assured, the day is the United States!" Chu Changwei said.

"In addition to the census, we also set up 2-3 housing maintenance professional construction teams in each township, and announced in the county, township, villages to supervise and refurbish the phone.

Liu Yanshui, secretary of the Baishuan County Party Committee, randomly extracts farmers, checks housing security. The county continues to do a good job of guarantee, and the subsequent maintenance costs of the housing safety guarantee, resolutely prevent villagers from causing poor to poverty due to dangerous houses.