Self-enhancement to share the self-worth of self-value for disabled people

Li Jinyuan took the disabled sporting industry is an important part of the national sports and disabled.Under the support of the provincial government, the provincial government is highly supported, in 2019, the Tenth Special Olympic Games in 2019, the Liaoning Party delegation received 108 gold medals, ranking fourth in the country;The total number of medals is 260, ranking third in the country.Among them, there are 6 superb records, 5 super-Asian records, 13 national records, and 2 national records, and were awarded the entry delegation’s sports morality.

Zhao Bingbing, deputy secretary and vice chairman of the Provincial Disabled Personnel, said that the staff of the disabled persons in the province have always been fully entitled to new ways, new methods, and disabled children with disabled, especially disabled children’s rehabilitation services.The establishment of the selection base is intended to promote self-improvement and surpassing the sharing spirit, in order to achieve Chinese dream.