The cell unit door has cotton curtains

Xinjiang Net News (Reporter Guo Jun Pigeon correspondent Meng Lingying) This winter, the residents living in three construction families living in Qiantang River Road are not needed to scratch the wind.

Because the team gives the unit door to the cotton curtain. This is not big, but it is very warm.

Resident Nikachen said. There are more than 2,400 households in the autonomous region, and 47 residential buildings.

Due to the construction time, some residential buildings have a situation in which the unit door is closed. Especially the wind, rain, snow, cold wind blowing into the corridor, sometimes drilling home, everyone can not be born because of this.

Niu Pao Chen said.

In carrying out that I have implemented practical activities for the masses, the city forestry and grassland bureau (Municipal Lands Management Bureau) Zhujiang Road North Community Task Force in Shayibak District, Hetian Street, the Towa Community Tournament, in the list of realistic practice activities for the masses By consulting the residents’ suggestions, it is decided to install cotton curtains to install cotton curtains for the unscrupulous problem. Considering the problem of the corridor, before installation, the team specially ordered a batch of cotton curtains with light-transmissive plastic membranes.

Taking advantage of the weather a few days ago, we were united in the community, and 72 units of 18 buildings in the family district were all installed with cotton curtains, involving more than 1200 households. The first secretary of the North Community of Pearl River Road, the team captain said in Western Dan Nia.

Residents Chang Feng Ying said that the task force considered meticulous, when installing cotton curtains, the bottom of each cotton curtain will be slightly higher than the ground a few centimeters, which is convenient for the elderly.