The central meeting is heavy, and the anti-monopoly hits this industry!

Of course, hardware is the core of the Yuan Universe, just like the current mobile Internet, if there is no smartphone, all the apps are talking, there is no carrier at all.So the A-share hype is marked, most is not authentic, and even there is no hair relationship with Yuancai!Everyone should understand that this is speculative, where is the final stock price, where to go, a piece of chicken.To be true, the company can’t do it, you can’t do it, you have to rely on Tencent, Netease, byte beating and other places to break through the opportunity. A shares are fried, and the world shows them, relying on them with Meta, Yingda competition.?No matter whether the market is not believed, I don’t believe it anyway.Today, the market is magical, and I will play a daily limit for a second, but I will follow it quickly, leave a long plavel line, this main fund is really playing!How many small bulging can be kept?People can’t help but sigh, this is 50,000 hands, and 28 million yuan is afraid to make a drift.