Pulling fruit village: Deep the poverty attack

Develop the 黄 industry. Into the fruit village in Puke Town, Puking County, a clean hardening station, a 2nd floor of the 2nd floor, the old uncle is sitting in front of the door, seeing people, smiling. "Now I don’t worry, the new house is also built, and I can come out of the sun in the evening. This day is one day than one day.

"The grandfather said. In the field, I saw that the villagers opened their bus to the ground, they will be shipped in a car, and the hard and happy. The farmer Cheng Zheng Kong said:" I used to be a mud Road, go to the field, full of mud, plant harvesting is extremely inconvenient, now the road is widened, hardening, the car can open here, too convenient.

"Yeah! Former fruit village due to geographical environment disadvantages, two meters wide, low, rugged, travel is very difficult, encountered rainy days, village road is more difficult; at that time, there is no drainage ditch, no Machine farm, spring plow season, villagers need to go far from the water, autumn harvest, the villagers can only use the back of a basket basket, shoulder, shoulder; the traffic is inconvenient, the production and life in the village is very Big difficulty. In order to open the production and life of the village, under the unified guidance of the Town party committee government, Gu Yu Village Village Boards took the leading spring breeze, grasping opportunities, and strive to strive to join the leading departments, the construction project .

In order to build a good hometown road, it is convenient for the mass production and life, the village support two committees, and the combat team is not afraid of hardships, from the route plan, they will measure the land, one step, one step, to be fine; coordinate the land, they Don’t bother, once a time I mobilize the ideological mobilization work, from the masses, the original disintegration does not cooperate with the final wish. At the end of 2017, it was finally built into the parking road of kilometers, built a long-kilometer machine farm and kilometers, and realized the section of the cement road group, which could hardened, and solved the traffic problem of fruit. . Now the villagers can plow water from the trenches. The autumn harvest can drive the car to the field to transport food, convenient transportation, which greatly stimulates the production enthusiasm of the villagers and strongly promotes the economic development of the village. In the profound industrial revolution in revitalizing the rural economy, Guou Village focuses on the "three kinds of raising" industrial layouts in the county, under the guidance of the party committee of Chicken Shu Town, vigorously develop the 黄 industry.

In order to let the folks join the industrial development, the village support two committees, the combat team extensively publicized the industrial structure adjustment policy, showing the villagers to the villagers, the blueprints of the 黄 industry, patiently explain the development of the industrial development, not only getting the land transfer fee, but also黄 基 基 工工, one month of 1500 yuan, I can get dividends; tired propaganda explanation, got a positive response of the folks.

Nowadays, there has been created 350 acres of 黄, 50 mu of tea, 160 acres of Taizi planting base, 2019, the village company planted more than 700,000 yuan, driving 128 farmers on the tearnel, poor households, people’s income of 6950 yuan , Successfully achieved the poverty, and walked out a way to get rich.

Wu Di is a poor household in the village. He is enthusiastic in the village, and the young is very powerful. In the development of rural industries in Chicken Shuo Town, in order to reduce the pressure of cultivation industry, the creativity of the party committee of the chicken field population, the "return of the pour" business model, and there will be 45 acres of land under the arrangement of the party committee government. Rent to Wu Di’s development of the Yellow Yellowstone industry; Wu Di immediately grasped the opportunity, put the 黄 industry as an important path of its own development, did not understand the management technology, he actively participated in various types of 黄 planting training, dedicated to operate the 黄 industry, Village branch, the village branch, the Village branch also gave pesticides, Higher support in fertilizer, softening bucket, etc., helping Wu Di set up a well-weln farm.

After two years of unremitting struggle, 45 acres of Y韭 Huang entered a high yield period, in the first half of 2020, a total of 15 tons of Huang Huang, sales revenue of 45,000 yuan. During the epidemic, Wu Di also participated in the exhibition of epidemic prevention and control. Under the arrangement of the Village, the village two counters, actively participated in the publicity, card point value, and donated materials to the card points to guard the safeguards of the local people and constantly contributing their strength. Wang Kerong is a leader of a villager group in Guun Village, and is also a poor household. He participated in agricultural planting technical training and mastered a certain 黄 planting technology. After knowing that the village committee vigorously develops the 黄 industry planting, take the initiative to apply to join the planting team, he has been 67 years old, now with more than 50 people’s team, mainly responsible for the migrant workers to plant and play the completion, no matter the wind blowing sun Always stick to the position, and workers work together, some people advise him say: "You are so big here, every day is dry, the body will eat." "Now like I am old, I can’t go outside, no one outside. Please work, it is the glow industry in the village to give me an opportunity. There are 2000 yuan in the month. If you get rid of poverty, you will have a power. "Uncle Wang said. In the morning, Xia Guang Wanzhang, the village branch leads the staff to go to the 黄 base early, weed, cultivated; the villagers are bathed in the sun, and the laughter is connected, and the more you do it. (Text / Tu Luode) (Editor: Wu Feng (Internship), Chen Kangqing).