People’s Conclusion: The hotel is investigated, and the incremental delivery service commitment

Recently, a guest home has a news that the news of the camera has a hot spot.

Snoving equipment should be included in the hotel’s operational process, causing netizens hot discussion.

With the upgrade of equipment, the sneak shooting behavior in recent years has become more hidden, the hotel rooms have become a hard disaster area, and the public’s privacy has been threatened. However, for the hotel, it is a fresh thing to investigate and sneak shooting equipment, how to effectively be more helpless.

The way is much more difficult, letting the household live peace of mind, live safe, need the hotel to bear the burden. The hotel is obliged to ensure the privacy of guests. Accommodation contractual legal relationships between the hotel and the hotel, the hotel should protect your personal safety includes privacy.

However, some hotels will not be investigated and sneak shot equipment, regardless of medium and low-end, and will not investigate the necessary processes for daily room cleaning. Although some hotels will be included in the process, the actual operation has not been implemented because of insufficient human hand, high cost, limited technology. Some hotels think this is a social new thing and there is no way, and they don’t even think that the investigation is not its service.

In fact, the requirements for hotel services are constantly changing with social development. The hotel should be soberly recognized that investigating and sneak shooting equipment is a new measures to address new scenes, although as a service increase, it is also within the range of hotel services .

Industry specification requires rules and system guidance and management.

Review some hotel cases that have been exposed, involved in the hotel often only serve as a cooperation survey, as long as the store staff does not participate in the sneak shot, it will not be able to investigate the hotel’s infringement responsibility.

This is also an illusion for some hotels without performing inspection and troubleshooting work, which is a social problem. There is no responsibility for the hotel. In the end, some hotels have never been treated. This attitude of the hotel actually contributes to the illegal behavior of sneak shooters.

Of course, let the hotel consciously investigate, only on the calls are obviously insufficient, only specific rules and regulations can play a prohibited role.

The relevant management departments must further refine the scope of the hotel’s responsibility and service content, and formulate corresponding penalties.

For the hotel’s sneak shooting behavior, it is necessary to clarify the respective responsibilities of the sneak shot and the hotel, neither innocent and don’t have it.

Only in the way of regulating the regulations become industry standards, it can improve the service level of the industry and promote the rapid implementation of relevant measures. Professional training and special design are solutions.

Currently, most hotels can recognize the harm and seriousness of the sneak shot, but the reason is not active, and the attitude is not active. The reason is that the reason is considered for cost. The hotel should consider the level of reinforcement of guest check management, enhance the service staff and improve the difficulty of the sneak shot, improve the investigation efficiency, improve the difficulty of crimes, thereby reducing the cost of investigation.

In fact, the hotel’s registration management specification is stricter hotels tend to sneak shoots.

In addition, for the mirroring of the sneak shot equipment, the crime habit of the bathroom mirror, cabinet, TV, air conditioner, and carton, the hotel decoration materials can consider the simple appearance, reduce the settings of the gap, choose the color of the ovary, etc., so that the sneak shot equipment is nowhere Hide. At the same time, strengthen the training, teach basic identification methods, and investigate high-risk points in the way for pipeline operations. Maximize the settings of the sneak shot equipment.

Snown to check the service increment of the hotel, but it is the requirements of the hotel’s direct service commitment.

As a service industry, both the hotel and the relevant regulatory authorities have responsibilities and obligations to provide a comfortable and safe environmental experience for customers. (Editor: Yin Shen, Fu Drarse) Sharing let more people see.