Take the history of the alarm

Before the start of the visit, all party members face the bright red party flags, retreat into the party’s oath, remember the initial heart of the party, and solemnly promised, once again express the firm determination to struggle for the communist cause. Subsequently, under the leadership of the interpretation, all party members and cadres visited the China Ancient Integrity Cultural Exhibition, the Chinese Communist Party’s Integrity Construction Exhibition, the new era of Henan Province, strictly govern the party’s results exhibition and excellent Communist Party’s home style. Through careful listening to explanation, watch exhibits and video information, everyone through the millennial history, appreciate the unclean spirit of ancient advances, and learned the birth and development of China’s integrity monitoring thoughts and systems; fully understand the development history of the party’s integrity construction, understand The party’s integrity construction initiative in different historical stages, deeply feeling the process of party style and clean government in the Communist Party of China and comprehensive results from stricting parties. A real case recorded in the pavilion, so that every party member cadres have experienced the importance and urgency of comprehensive from the strict treatment of party strategies, deeply recognizing the importance of building a line of thoughts, stricting political discipline. It also intuitively appreciates a good home for unique communist cadres. After the end of the visit, everyone agreed to tighten the string of honest and self-discipline in the future, always keep the mind, consciously resist the temptation, and achieve anti-microwetry, the alarm bell. This event is a branch that combines party history education and education, and the branches will also take this event as an opportunity to carry out the education of party history, inspiring the power of the majority of party members and cadres, and unforgettable. Always, 砥 砥. (China Import and Export Bank Henan Branch Wang Luo Supported) (Editor: Huang Sha, Xu Chi) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.