Shenzhen Tianbai Station will resume open next week

Original title: Shenzhen Tianminbai will restore open citizens in the morning of the 19th, on July 13, the reporter learned from the official micro-signal of Shenzhen Observatory, according to the current epidemic prevention and control situation, Shenzhen Tianquettai is scheduled to July 19 ( Next Monday) resumes an appointment at 10 am, and the normal opening visit is returned on July 20.

  Observatory Tips: In order to protect the non-probationary restrictions, please come to visit the small partner, and strictly abide by prevention and control measures; when entering the venue, temperature test code; when visiting, please wear a mask and keep a safe distance .

  It is understood that the visit starts at 9 o’clock on the opening day, within four hours, 1 and a half hours, at 5:30 pm, the number of appointments per day is 240 people.

  How to make an appointment Observatory? There are three ways: First, you can use the WeChat blessings "Shenzhen Astronomy" (ID: SHENZHENTIANWEN), click on the attention to the "visited appointment" in the menu bar, and the second is to pass "I Shenzhen", and then select the department Serving, then select the Municipal Meteorological Bureau under the municipal straight unit to find the "Meteorological Astronomical Science Activity Reservation" under the government service; operate.

  In addition, remind citizen friends can help family or friends, just need to add accompanying people on the appointment page; and add "Reserve Dape Vehicle Pass" function, as long as fill in the license plate and check, the appointment system will automatically make an appointment The Dapeng Vehicles on the same day don’t need to log in to the Shenzhen traffic police public number.

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