Port area to carry out a comprehensive management of rural human residence environments

Volunteers cleaning beach garbage. Deng Ronglin came to link all parties, condensed together, and painted the village to revitalize the "same heart", and in-depth implementation of the three-year action plan ", September 11th, Fangchenggang City Port Area organized Communist Party members, member Youth Volunteers , Love corporate and village rivals, village people, etc.

On the day of the event, everyone gathered together to the beautiful Lushan Guyu Village, Shanxin Village, watch the garbage classification promotion board, and jointly sign the signature board, promise to promote the revitalization of the country. The majority of party members and cadres, members of the members, sanitation workers, and local villagers, etc. After the housing in the house, the domestic garbage and debris weeds and other places are cleaned up. Everyone divides well, quickly acts, not afraid of dirty, mutual collaboration, powerful, and after rectification of Lushan Guyu Village, Shanxin Village Environment A new look.

It is understood that the next step, the port area will implement three-year action in rural people’s environmental remediation, and further coordinate the county towns and village planning, carry out comprehensive rectification of the environment, and continuously promote the greening, beautification, purification and brightness of the village. At the same time, we must take this event as an opportunity to further conjugate the consensus, form a joint force, and use the actual actions to help each country’s environmental remediation, so that everyone has become the guardian of beautiful village practitioners and happiness homes.

(Deng Ronglin) (Editor: Zhou Yule, Huang Yuxi) Sharing let more people see.