Promote the construction of "all the way" high quality development Xi Jinping made the latest deployment

  Broadcast + November 19, General Secretary Xi Jinping attended the Third "One Belt" Construction Symposium in Beijing and issued an important speech. The General Secretary emphasizes, complete, accurate, fully implementing the new development concept, with high standards, sustainable, Huimin people as the goal, consolidating the interconnection cooperation foundation, expanding the new international cooperation, and striving a risk prevention and control network, and strive to achieve higher Cooperation level, higher input benefits, higher supply quality, higher development and toughness, and promote the continuous achievement of "a belt all the way" high quality development. The important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping provides an fundamental follows for the new era. CCTV "Network" Trial General Secretary Speak Troubleshoot, learn from you.

  Correctly understanding and grasping the new situation facing the "One Belt", the theme of the times of peace and development has not changed, the economic globalization has not changed, and the development strategy of international pattern is beneficial to me, build "all the way" It is still facing important opportunities.

At the same time, there is no big change in the world’s 100-year-old, and the fierce competition from the new round of scientific and technological revolutions and industrial revolutions has never been unprecedented by global problems such as climate change and epidemic prevention and control. A band all the way "The international environment is more complex.

  ◆ We must maintain a strategic, seize strategic opportunities, coordinate development and safety, coordinate domestic and international, coordinate cooperation and struggle, coordinate stock and increment, coordinate the overall and focus, and actively respond to challenges, spread towards, and strive .

  Tucalyptu development roots ◆ Be deepen political mutual trust, play the leading and catalytic role of policy communication, and explore the establishment of more cooperative docking mechanisms, and promote the transformation of political consensus into specific actions, and transform the idea to pragmatism. ◆ We must deepen interconnection, improve land, sea, day, network "four integration" interconnection layout, deepen traditional infrastructure project cooperation, promote new infrastructure project cooperation, improve rule standards, etc. "Soft Unit" level, in order to promote global Interconnection is incremental.

  ◆ We must deepen trade unobstructed, expand the scale of trade with surrounding countries, encourage importing more quality commodities, improve trade and investment liberalization, and promote trade balance and win-win development. ◆ To continue to expand the cooperation between the three or more markets, carry out international capacity cooperation. ◆ We must deepen the funding, attract multilateral development agencies, developed national financial institutions, and improve the diversified investment financing system.

  ◆ We must deepen human exchanges and form a multi-interactive human communication big pattern. Steadily expand the new field of cooperation ◆ To work with new fields such as health, green, numbers, innovation, and cultivate new growth points in cooperation.

  ◆ To strengthen the international cooperation of immunity, continue to provide assistance to the co-construction country. ◆ Support for developing countries with energy green low-carbon development, promote green low-carbon development information sharing and capacity building, deepen ecological environment and climate governance cooperation. ◆ We must deepen the cooperation between the digital fields to develop "Silk E-commerce" and build a digital cooperation pattern.

  ◆ To implement a technological innovation action plan, strengthen international cooperation in intellectual property protection, build an open, fair, just, non-discrimination, and non-discrimination.

  Better service to build a new development pattern ◆ To overtake considering and planning to build a new development pattern and build a "one belt all the way", focus on new power points, and shaping new binding points.

  ◆ To speed up all kinds of characteristics, mutual supplement, smooth security land channel, optimize sea layout, and provide strong support for smooth domestic international dual cycles.

  ◆ To strengthen the industrial chain supply chain to connect, drive the source diversification. ◆ To create a landmark project.

People’s livelihood projects are an important way to rapidly improve the sense of people to build a country, and to strengthen overall planning, form more grounding, gathering cooperation results. Comprehensive enhancement of risk prevention and control ◆ To implement risk prevention and control system, compress the main responsibility of real corporate responsibility and competent authority management responsibility.

  ◆ To explore all-weather warning assessment integrated service platforms for establishing overseas project risks, timely warning, regular assessment.

  ◆ To strengthen the cooperation of overseas interests, international anti-terrorism, security protection, etc.

  ◆ To be overturned to promote the prevention and control of the epidemic and build a "all the way" cooperation, fully protect the life safety and physical and mental health of overseas people, highlight the precision of preventive and control measures, and focus on safeguarding the needs, returning to the country, material supply, fund support, etc. ◆ Education to guide my country to consciously abide by local laws and respect local customs in overseas companies and citizens. ◆ To accelerate the formation of anti-corruption foreign-related laws and regulations systems, increase cross-border corruption. ◆ Various enterprises should regulate business behavior, and never allow harm to harm the national reputation. ◆ For violations of laws and discipline, find together seriously. Strengthen the coordination of coordinates ◆ Be adhered to the party’s centralized unified leadership, leading groups must pay a good job in coordination of major planning, major policies, major projects, major issues and annual priorities. ◆ The relevant departments should include the construction of "all the way" into an important agenda, and oversee implementation of overseas project construction and risk prevention and control responsibility. ◆ Local to find the participation to build a "one-way" positioning. ◆ To create a good public opinion atmosphere, in-depth explanation of the concept, principles, ways, etc.