Our military uses technological means to improve the food and food security conditions of the border

  Winter Snow Plateau, outdoor cold wind, indoor spring. On a cultivated rack of a plateau, there are more than 10 new varieties of green peel, basil, winterflowers, and dandelion, etc.

  According to the person in charge of the Military Energy Administration of the Logistics Saving Department of the Central Military Commission, this is the need for the high-altitude and soldiers in the high-precipitation and hypoxia and other environments. According to the Pharmaceutical Experts of the Naval Military Medical University, the species with auxiliary efficacy with enhanced immunity. The latest results of the variety.

  It is understood that in recent years, the organs at all levels attach great importance to the supply guarantee for the supply of fresh vegetables in the long-standing troops. Since last year, the relevant business departments of the Central Military Commission authorities rely on professional colleges and use modern scientific and technical means to guide the plateau forces to plant specialties as local conditions. The pharmacy department of Navy Military Medical University fully plays special research technology, using nutritional index integrated component analysis and Chinese medicine compatibility theory, screening a batch of mouthful, high yield and certain enhancement of immunity, suitable for the vegetables planted in the Plateau forces. Jia Min, associate professor, deputy professor, is introduced, the natural environment of high altitude is bad, the material is difficult, the supply guarantee is difficult; the forces have less variety of vegetables, and the officers and men have long residing the plateau for nutrients. Planting vegetables with certain health care can be rich in dining tables and protect officers and men to eat more kinds of fresh vegetables, but also through nutritional diet to regulate officers and men’s physical and mental state, and provide better protection for officers and men.

Figure 1: Officials are viewing vegetables. 2: Feather Ganquo 3: Dandelion Figure 4: Cai (the picture is provided).